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Amber Portwood, a ‘Teen Mom,’ Evicted from Home
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One of the stars, if you can call her a star, of the MTV television show ‘Teen Mom,’ has been evicted from her home in Indiana. The eviction occurred in January and reportedly occurred because she scammed the government and decided to mooch off of money from taxpayers. The ‘star’ in question is that of Amber Portwood. The information comes from sources within law enforcement departments with knowledge of the case.

According to the agreement within the lease documents for Portwood, the house she was renting was subsidized by Indiana’s Low Income Rental Housing Tax Credit Program. The house is located in Anderson, Indiana. In order to legally enroll oneself in the program, which is a prerequisite for moving into one of the homes, Portwood said that she made only $10,000 per year. This number is significantly less than what she actually earned in 2010, which came in at roughly $280,000.


Therefore, if we can put two and two together, the income Portwood actually made caused her to be ineligible for living in the low income housing in Indiana. This caused her landlords to evict her from the property. In the end, all of this does not even matter because Portwood is still in jail. She is waiting to be approved for a transport to a drug rehabilitation program appointed by the court.


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