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Naked Crime: Tennessee Man Distracted by Skinny Dipper’s Breaststroke as her Accomplice Burglarized his Home
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A Crossville, Tenn., man was recently burglarized by a clever burglar. The burglarized man claims that a woman took a skinny dip in his pool while her husband made away with valuables. The 54 year old man confidentially reported the crime that happened at his home on Saturday afternoon. According to the victim, the woman asked if she could take a dip in his pool. When he told her yes, she stripped nude and jumped on in. She then reportedly asked her husband to go back home and get her cigarettes. At that point, the pool owner didn’t realize that while he was poolside, behind his back a robbery was taking place.

The Crossville Chronicle reports, “the woman allegedly asked if she could swim nude, which the victim said was alright with him. As the victim looked on, the woman allegedly swam for 20 minutes before drying off and leaving.” The burglarized man commented, “I escorted her outside and invited her to church, but she said she didn’t have time for that.”


Most authorities have laughed at the situation as being comical, but the victim whose identity remains confidential isn’t laughing. When the woman was gone, the burglarized man realized that his home had been robbed. Around $2000 worth of valuables were taken, including a firearm, jewelry and medication. So far no arrests have been made, but the suspects have been identified. Police have started their investigation.


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