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Legal Issues Piling up for Prince
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It’s rough being an international celebrity and a rock and roll icon these days.  It seems everyone wants a piece of you, whether it’s promoters angry at you for backing out of a sold out concert gig at the last minute, or law firms that you forgot to pay for legal services.  Such are the problems faced by Prince, or the artist formerly known as that unpronounceable squiggle.

Patterson Belknap Webb&Tyler, a New York law firm, is suing the puple majesty for just over $700,000 in unpaid legal fees stemming from work done on several matters, including his divorce.  The firm also represented Prince in a matter involving the last minute cancellation of a concert in Ireland, which has created a second headache for the star.

After pulling out of a sold out booking in Dublin in 2008, promoters MCD took him to court in Ireland.  Prince agreed to pay $3 Million in damages and legal fees, but has reportedly not come through with the cash.  Now MCD has filed papers in Los Angeles seeking the courts permission to pursue his US assets, which could include his Minneapolis home.



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