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8 Unobvious Reasons You’re Always Tired
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Summary: Do you always feel tired? If you’re getting enough sleep at night, here are 8 reasons you might still be feeling sleepy.

If you spent your evening going to the midnight showing of a new Star Wars movie, dancing the night away at an amazing concert, or binge watching Gilmore Girls, the next day you know why you’re tired. The tired I’m talking about in this article doesn’t come from simply not getting enough sleep. It comes from other reasons that you may not even realize are affecting your energy levels. Here are 8 tricky circumstances that could be leaving you feeling extra fatigued.

  1. Your house is a disaster. Having clean surroundings can have a huge effect on clearing your mind. A messy house can create mental turmoil, making it harder to get restful sleep.
  2. You have allergies. Along with leaving your eyes itchy and your nose runny, allergies can also cause your body to become fatigued. Consider an over-the-counter allergy medicine to help during tough seasons.
  3. You have an underactive thyroid. If you’ve tried just about everything and are still finding yourself sluggish, consider asking your doctor about whether or not thyroid problems could be causing your fatigue.
  4. The heat is up too high. Keeping your bedroom cool while you sleep is essential to a good night’s sleep, because the last thing you want is to wake up from being overheated and tossing in your sheets.
  5. You don’t get enough sunlight. Whether it’s due to the season or that you just never get outside, getting too little sunlight can mess with your circadian rhythm and cause fatigue. Try spending 15-30 minutes out in the sunshine every day or, if you’re living somewhere with grey weather, try getting a sun lamp.
  6. You’re low in iron. Many women suffer from iron deficiency without even realizing it. Whether it’s that time or the month or not, talk to your doctor about having your blood tested, eating more iron-rich foods, or taking an iron supplement to see if that improves your energy.
  7. You don’t follow a sleep schedule. Many studies have shown that sticking to a regular sleep schedule, even including the weekends, can result in more restful sleep. You may not win cool points, but try to stick to the same bedtime every day of the week.
  8. You’re dehydrated. Drinking enough water isn’t just good for your skin. Your whole body functions on water. Without enough, your systems can start feeling sluggish. Start your day by chugging a big glass of water and keep it up throughout the day.



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