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Only 59 Percent of Lawyers are Proud of Their Work, but Other Professions Even Lower
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Who’s proud of their job, these who earn buka money, or those who work in helping professions? New research from the recruitment agency Randstad, which surveyed 2,034 people, found that higher earning has no direct connection with professional pride, that accountants, for instance, scored poorly on professional pride, with just 44 percent of them happy to be accountants. Lawyers scored just a bit higher with their 59 percent pride in their work.

The highest pride was in the insurance industry, which scored 90 percent — some what baffling, but they must believe they are doing some great benefit in their fleecing process; and meanwhile, the rail sector scored the worst with just 32 proud of their work.


Property scored 83 percent, media 91, and utilities 76. Financial services scored 59 percent. Why so low? Perhaps there is still some built in guilt with the notion that money is dirty, that making money is exploitive, or in the case of lawyers, that there is something inherently dishonest in litigating. Of course we’ve all heard a dozen lawyer jokes, but it seems some of this is taken to heart. And as for accountants, perhaps helping rich people get even richer by manipulating tax laws does not make a person feel especially proud. Social workers, who earn considerably less, scored much higher when it came to professional pride.


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