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US Navy Rescues Iranian Seaman For The Third Time This Month
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A guided-missile destroyer, the USS Dewey, rescued a Iranian fisherman in a flooding dhow. His dhow, the Al Mamsoor, had been spotted by an MH-60R Seahawk helicopter on Wednesday morning. However, by the time that the Navy reached the it, the crew had abandoned it an climbed onto nearby dhows.

Despite their safe abandonment of the ship, the Iranians were in clear need of water and food. The crew from USS Dewey gave the fisherman water, hygienic and medical supplies, and 150 pounds of food. This act of kindness was greatly appreciated from the stranded fisherman. Without the aid of United States Navy, the fisherman could have easily died on the waters from starvation or dehydration.


This wasn’t the first time that Americans have come to the rescue of Iranian seaman this month. In fact, it was the third time. It seems that they have been quite busy rescuing Iranian fisherman this month. Earlier in the month, the US Coast Guard  heard a distress call from six Iranian fisherman once they realized the boat was taking on water. Another rescue added to the list of good samaritan acts by our men. Just a few days before that, Americans rescued 13 Iranian fisherman from their 40 day captivity by some Somali pirates.


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