Jury Seated for World Series Prostitution Case
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A former public relations specialist, Susan Finkelstein, is on trial for soliciting World Series tickets in exchange for sex.  The mega-fan of the Philadelphia Phillies placed an ad on Craigslist in search of seats to see her beloved team.  In the ad, she described her own physical characteristics and suggested that the respondent join her in getting creative to figure out a way to pay for the tickets.

A Bensalem Police Department sergeant involved in searching out possible ads for prostitution on Craigslist answered the ad and when he asked to see what she looked like, she sent him three photos of her bare breasts.  A meeting was set up at a local bar after an attempt by the officer to also add drug charges to the crime failed when she told him she did not have any for the exchange.

A female heavy jury has been chosen for the trial which is expected to end by tomorrow.



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