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Opinion: Anyone Doing Anything Tonight? by Barack Obama What up my fellow Americans? I’m just hanging out here in the oval office, shooting the breeze, and I thought I would write you guys to see what’s happening in DC tonight. Anyone around? Want to do…>read more

No Comment April 15, 2014

Man Sees Wolf Blitzer Every Day According to his family, coworkers, and his own admission, Jim Mcintyre, a contractor and resident of Staten Island, New York, sees Wolf Blitzer every single day of his life. “I like to watch CNN to keep up on the news.…>read more

No Comment March 31, 2014

STUDY: It is too Late to Stop Global Warming, We Should Just Give in to Our Certain Doom Today, a study released from Western University of Easton contends that the battle to combat climate change is not worth fighting as it is too late already to save the earth from certain destruction and we are all going to…>read more

No Comment March 31, 2014

BREAKING: Object Floating in Indian Ocean is Not Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 but is a Pretty Nice Screen Door Officials from the Australian search team for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 convened today to announce that while the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains elusive, authorities did recover a functional and stylish screen door in the ocean today. “We…>read more

No Comment March 31, 2014

Dogs of New York React to Jets Signing Michael Vick The New York Jets have just announced the signing of Michael Vick to be their new starting quarterback, and while humans across the city are excited for the team’s prospects, the many dogs who reside in the Big Apple have…>read more

1 Comment March 21, 2014

Study: Some Physics Thing Neither the Author of this Article nor the Reader Will Ever Truly Understand   A recent study from the astronomy lab at the University of Arizona has the physics world up in arms as it describes a complex phenomenon that neither I, the author of this piece, nor you, the reader, will ever…>read more

No Comment March 15, 2014

Opinion: There Might Just be Too Much on my Mind Right Now to Really Focus on this Basketball Game by Al Jensen, Minnesota Timberwolves superfan Dang. I’m not sure I can do this today. I love the Timberwolves, and always want to voice my support for the team when I come to watch the games. But there may be…>read more

No Comment March 12, 2014

Michael Sam Confounds Nation by Admitting He Used to be Straight Michael Sam, the first openly gay player expected to be drafted in the NFL, shocked reporters and fans in a press conference this morning when he admitted he has only been gay for the last few years, and was strictly…>read more

No Comment March 7, 2014

Looking Ahead to the 2015 Oscar Contenders Now that the 2014 Oscars have come and gone, we here at JD Journal are already looking ahead to next year as we honestly have nothing better to do in the meantime. Here is our list of films that we…>read more

No Comment March 4, 2014

Viral Video Making Waves – But You Should Just Watch It Instead of Listening to Us Describe It A dramatic video posted online earlier this week has captivated public interest, as it depicts alleged abuses of the criminal justice system. The video shows a police officer using a taser on a 6-year-old boy who was trying to help…>read more

No Comment February 23, 2014

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