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China’s Loss of Economic Momentum
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Tensions Rise in Ukraine
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Renewable Energy in Decline
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China’s Export Slump
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Global Cooling: Arctic Ice Cap Grew by 60% in One Year


More than one million square miles of ocean have frozen over and is covered with ice currently, a 60% increase since last year. This is rather interesting, as the BBC reported last year that 2013’s summer would see the Arctic completely ice- free, due to global warming.  Rather than seeing an ice free arctic, a solid and unbroken ice sheet stretches almost from eastern Canada’s Northwest Passages, to western Canada and Alaska’s Beaufort sea, to western Russia’s Kara sea, to the East Siberian sea. The entire pole and millions of miles of iced radius extending from that central icy point, is completely frozen solid, covering the ocean and closing whatever sea lanes may have opened up.


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The scientific debate on the validity of the global warming proponent’s claims continues, as new data on global cooling confusticates and continues to confuse the issues of the environment and its critical tipping points. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Scientists believe that earth is moving towards a period of cooling that will continue on until 2050. This cooling would completely throw off all of the runaway greenhouse affects, and other wasteland / desert earth hypotheses brought by scientists who feel that the carbon dioxide and methane gases in the atmosphere will cause the earth to warm uncontrollably.  Anti-greenhouse effect scientists feel that the cooling may prove that the global warming camp has been propagandizing this entire future climate scenario.


Arctic Ice Sheet in 2012


Various computer models of forecasting the greenhouse effects have been used to forecast future earth climate and weather. However, there has been a “pause” that hasn’t been predicted which showed that global warming hasn’t continued or increased. Experts have failed to predict this pause. As millions of dollars and billions of British pounds have been put into efforts to make human civilization more “green”, critics of the global warming camp note how the “pause” in temperature increase shows that the models were flawed. Scientists are in consensus that the temperatures are lower than the predicted levels with “90 percent certainty.”


Arctic Ice Sheet in 2013, now with 60% more ice


Every major climate research center has accepted that the global temperature pause is a real phenomenon. It apparently appears that we need more data to prove or disprove the disastrous effects climate change. And it also seems that our limited knowledge of planet processes cannot predict everything. While dozens of scientists agree that more methane and CO2 cause the greenhouse effect, few measure the possible effects of the Milankovitch cycles, which estimate the variation in the Earth’s orbit. Every scientist has his or her own opinion, and the argument over global warming/cooling continues as new data refreshes the debate.

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  • john rittel

    The global warming models are all s@#$%, these variations are bigger than we are. CO2 stuff is a bunch of crap, So is acidification of the oceans by Carbon-dioxide. Our research shows this is B.S. Precambrian researcher J.R.

  • Michael

    Most of the global warming crowd will claim that all of the warming over the past 10 years was absorbed by the ocean. That’s kind of like saying I turned up the temperature in my home but only the carpet got warmer. I’m sure someone will say “But, but, it’s not that simple! The earth’s climate is a complex system, blah, blah, blah…” Actually, it really is that simple. Claiming that global warming actually did happened over the last decade, but only in the ocean, is pathetically sad and desperate.

  • Ron Bockman

    wait, wait, you mean the sky is not falling?

  • John Williams

    Last year had a record low in Arctic sea ice coverage so this year was unlikely to beat that. This is called a regression toward the mean in statistics. We are still well below the 30 year average of ice coverage for this time of year. Global warming or cooling takes place over decades not just a single year.




    we should call it the chicken licken effect

  • ILikeFish

    This is so stupid. do you know why it “grew” by 60%? Because last years was the lowest ice levels in recorded history. . . so this years was expected to be a lot bigger just because that’s how it works.

    The scary part? 60% bigger is still smaller than it was just 50 years ago.