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Zimmerman Attorneys Ask for Evidence to Be Barred from Trial View Count: 514

Is a dead boy’s past relevant to the trial of the man charged with murdering him? That’s the question posed by prosecutors in the murder trial of George Zimmerman, who asked a judge to bar evidence relating to Trayvon Martin’s school records, text messages, and drug use. Martin was shot by Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, on February 26, 2012, during a violent encounter.


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The specifics of the case, particularly whether or not Zimmerman’s description of Martin as a suspicious person based on race and the failure of the Sanford Police Department to charge Zimmerman or investigate the incident, have caught national attention, and only upon further scrutiny was Zimmerman charged with second degree murder.

WKMG reports that Florida prosecutors recently asked the judge in the trial to bar evidence relating to Martin’s troubles in school, texts he may have sent prior to his death, and his social media use in the case against Zimmerman. They claim that the defense may attempt to paint an unflattering picture of Martin, when the focus of the trial should be on the events that occurred specifically between Martin and Zimmerman. Prosecutors have also asked the judge to prevent use of Martin’s toxicology report, which indicated that he had a high level of marijuana in his blood the night he was shot and killed. Zimmerman’s attorneys have expressed interest in presenting this evidence, along with information about a fight Martin was in shortly before his death and the fact that he wore fake gold teeth.

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Conversely, Zimmerman’s defense attorneys have asked the judge to exclude the testimony of a voice expert regarding a recording of the incident created from Zimmerman’s 911 call. While the expert has said that he has identified shouts of “stop” on the recording as coming from Martin, attorneys say that the expert’s methods are unreliable.

Though these types of evidence are being discussed in advance of the trial, this does not mean that they will be presented; the attorneys are simply allowing the judge to determine what should be referenced within the confines of the trial and what may eventually be ruled inadmissible.

Zimmerman Attorneys Ask for Evidence to Be Barred from Trial by

  • Black racism is the good kind of hate

    The news media had been reporting that this young man had majored in ‘cheefulness’ (and that he was an academic scholar despite his having failed the FCAT).
    The news media reported what a good kid this young man was for months (how could there possibly be any dirt on this young man we were all told was gonna be an astronaut).
    no way the malicious media lied to us for months (and the MD-spd hid all the proof of his criminal conduct both that night and in the many months before his untimely passing).
    The media printed all sorts of innunendo and outright lies about GZ. Time for the media to show us thre real trayvon martin (he didnt live with either of his parents and he got into trouble a whole heck of a lot at school and even though the schol cops tried hard to hdie this kid’s rising criminality, that doesnt mean it didnt exist, it just means the cops with the help of hsi family worked hard to hide that yound man’s significant history of violnece and drug use and possibly of burglary as well (we may never know since the media is largely in support of the black racists)

  • White Supremacist Racism is the only TRUE Racism

    The news has always reported that a teenager was shot by an agitated gunman. They have consistently reported on both sides of the issue. That’s what the media does.

    Those that support a gunman shooting anytype of minority, and attack anything that goes against their agenda.

    The gunman had a violent and anger filled past. His dad was able to get him off the hook before, but not anymore.

    Trayvon may not have been perfect, but he was doing nothing wrong when the gunman decided to Accuse, Condem, and Execute the teen himself. Without a jury. Even when the teen was doing nothing wrong.

    It’s interesting that the buglary has ceased to exist since the gunman left the community. Hmmmmm
    All the White racist out there, wrap your tablecloths with eyeholes around that bit of logic.

  • Black racism is the good kind of hate

    The news media wanted you to think right away that wanna be cops were bad (and wanna be gang bangers were good).
    The news media has covered for every one of the martin famiy lies (and there have been many of them).
    The threats of riots were just proof of the racism among black people that is barely concealed.
    The teen attacking viciously the neighborhod watch guy is NOT really “doing nothing wrong” (that is felony battery-his drug use was actually not so bad if he did it in the privacy of his garage-but it was the checking out houses to rob that made him most suspicious).
    yeah trayvon was caught with stolen jelwery in school, but the news media treats that like it was his scholarship fund (and the cops miami dade school police hid the evidence of his criminality and propensity to be a burglar so they could make sure black teens who do an inordinate amount of crime wouldnt be stigmatized.
    Most killings in the USA are done by black males, but black racists and the news media dont want you to know you are most likely to be shot by a black male whatever your color.
    if trayvon had been white, you can be sure there never would have been any threats of riots. if gz would have been just a little darker (he had black a granparents the news medai didnt want you to know about-he is also mestizo, indio, latino) the news media wouldnt have reported this at all.
    Usually when blacks shoot blacks (this happens a lot), the news medias is eager to ignore the ethnicity of the shooter.
    When the FAMU band KILLED one of its members (to show em how much fun it is to be in the FAMU band) in a hazing incident, anyone recall hwo long it took to arrest anyone? it took over a year to arrest any of the FAMU bandmembers who killed their fellow bandmember in cold blood with their bare hands.
    When black kill fellow blacks (and this is the most common form fo killing), their is no rush to arrest anyone (unless they think there is a white person involved there will be no threats of riots or any significanty media coverage).

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