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Defendant Eats His Own Feces During His Trial Testimony
Defendant Eats His Own Feces During His Trial Testimony
California Lawyer’s Ballot Proposal to Kill Gays Raises Ire
California Lawyer’s Ballot Proposal to Kill Gays Raises Ire
6-Year-Old Kidnapped to Teach Him Not to Be “Too Nice”
6-Year-Old Kidnapped to Teach Him Not to Be “Too Nice”
ISIS Burns Pilot Alive, Jordan Executes Two Jihadists in Response
ISIS Burns Pilot Alive, Jordan Executes Two Jihadists in Response
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Woman Arrested For Having Sex with Her Pit Bull in Broad Daylight View Count: 5618

Police were called when neighbors reported a woman having sex with her pit bull in her backyard in broad daylight. When they arrived, they found Kara Vandereyk “naked and on the ground” engaged in a sexual act with the dog. Upon their approach, she greeted them with a “hi,” and proceeded to touch the dog sexually.

The police blanketed the 23-year-old woman and asked her questions to determine her state of mind. She was unable to answer who she was, what day it was, or who the President of the United States was. She was able to explain that she was “bipolar,” but though she was on “prescription medication,” she was uncertain if she had been taking it recently. A neighbor gave her some clothes, and she was taken to jail on charges of open or gross lewdness. The dog meanwhile was taken into the custody of Animal Control.

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Who do you feel worse for, the dog, or Kara Vandereyk?

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Like all mental illnesses, bipolar can be difficult to live with. It alternates between depressions, long plateaus of a normal state, and sometimes a bright or manic effect, which may also be accompanied by psychosis, when the person acts in ways that do not resemble their character or values when properly medicated or in their right state of mind. Living with the aftereffect of a manic episode can be difficult to cope with.

In the case of Kara, it has been suggested that her behavior related to meth use or the use of other street drugs. This was offered as a counter-explanation to her shocking behavior. It is true that many people who suffer from bipolar self-medicate; impatient with prescription drugs, they might use drugs that have a more pronounced effect, such as meth or cocaine. This can exacerbate their bipolar symptoms, leading to worse problems than if they were completely unmedicated and struggling only with the bipolar itself.

While those who never had bipolar or done drugs may criticize Kara’s manic behaviors as if she were evil — and this, perhaps, according to Christian morality as they interpret it — anybody who has actually suffered from psychosis puts this to the lie and knows that psychotic behavior is not a moral issue, but a chemical imbalance. Evidently the words of Jesus to “Judge not lest you be judged,” make little impression on such folk, who pretend to themselves that if their worst, most embarrassing moments were made into headlines in the papers, they would do just fine. Even if they themselves had nothing to be embarrassed about in all their life of adventures and misadventures, they ought to have compassion for those who struggle with greater problems than their own.

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” is another saying of Jesus that applies to those who would judge and condemn an easy target.

What is your opinion of Kara Vandereyk?

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Update (09/29/14): Another person recently had sex with his pit bull, this time in his bedroom. Click here to read the full story.

Woman Arrested For Having Sex with Her Pit Bull in Broad Daylight by

  • Paul Schrein Jr.

    We know a woman that has severe bi-polar issues and was diagnosed and medicated for it.She did some things I do not wish to share. But she came to a point after she had her 1st child where her bi-polar was now mixed with post partum. She ran out of her medication went to her doctors office to get a refill but they were closed she then whet to a state facility and they said that she would have to wait until Monday to be seen and this was on a Friday. If she or the state knew what she was about to do then they would have not let her go anywhere. Now she is spending the rest of her life in a Mental Institute. She was such a sweet girl when she was on her medication, but when off it for a period of time she had the devil within. So I am not going to judge this woman for what she did and hopefully she will get the help that she needs before she spends the rest of her life in a Mental Institute and others shouldn’t judge either if they have never been around someone with this serious issue because you just wouldn’t be

    able to grasp the reality of this disease.

  • SuperKattitude!

    I feel bad for her and I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs. I know a few people with bi-polar disorder, so I’ve seen some of the effects that can happen when they are off their medication.

  • SuperKattitude!

    Wow, judgmental much? Bi-polar disorder affects different people in different ways, as do illegal drugs. Maybe you should look in the mirror before passing judgment on someone else. How would you like your sin publicized?

  • Barbara Evans

    shes not Bi Polar
    i get so sick of people using the mental illness crapola
    line as a scapegoat.
    she got busted having sex with a poor animal that was in all likelyhood
    was MURDERED because of that sick be yatch


    Take your liberal bleeding heart and go for a hike.

  • Laura Wilbert

    Sooo…. Because I’m not an ignorant moron you label me a liberal? That in itself further proves you’re an idiot. Although a hike sounds fantastic.

  • Mahi Tuna

    Now that’s what you call Animal House

  • Barbera Streidster

    I know a woman who would break her own foot for attention or just to prove a point. This lady walks around telling people She will teach them a lesson, and then does absolutely mean things, plotting, and planning their demise and does not care about who she hurts or whose relationship gets busted up.. Not saying what this woman did was right, because it is one of the nastiest things I have ever heard of, but some people just need help, and this woman has to have some mental issue to even consider having sex with a dog, who knows maybe she was not on the right Bi-polar medicine and it messed her brain up worse, (yes that can happen)… This is a story she will never live down or get past, so she will definitely pay for her sin. Maybe a woman who hurts others to there way deserves to be in jail to, Guess God will have to judge both at the end of the day.

  • Kelse

    You sound ridiculous and somewhat ignorant. Stop Judging. This girl looks spaced out, and from what’s said she also has mental issue. If she is Bipolar and well as Psychosis, taking meds and possibly taking meth or some other drugs on top of it all, then she can’t be in her right state of mind and definitely needs psychiatric and drug help. From the looks of her face, she certainly looks far from normal. Unless you’re a drug counselor or psychiatrist, most certainly not God, then stop prejudging what you have no real or concrete knowledge of.

  • D.G.A.F

    The ignorance from people’s comments, and in the article make me wanna commit suicide. But nit before hunting down and be heading the jurgemental coward who wished death on this woman, who ISNT mentally ill, but oddly enough shares the same taboo as a lot of people. I’m not saying what she did was right or wrong, I’m saying people need to mind their own fuckin business and stop jumping to conclusions and thinking she has a treatable mental illness. What about the states that beastiality is legal in? Not one fuckin person really gives a shit who fucks what. It doesn’t effect anyone then…. it obviously still goes on. … but make an article that humiliates this individual and set it free to a large group of masses ready to throw stones because she enjoys a dark taboo….. that won’t fuck her up or anything. All you people disgust me. Tell me how this effects you if you were the nosey ass neighbor who probably jacked off while watching before calling the cops. Why should you really give a fuck? No one should. It’s funny how people pity and judge others, when you all should pity and judge yourself. Especially after advocating the release of a BDSM taboo movie and getting excited about that….. honestly. … no one has the right to judge anyone else. You’re definitely not perfect, so just because someone goes through with a taboo action doesn’t grant you any right to look down because you disagree with it. Cuz honesty…….who the fuck cares?

  • D.G.A.F

    You’re retarded and should be drug from your home and murdered in the streets.

  • Tyrone simon

    Another disgusting despicable white person playing the mental illness card. Seems like that only works for Caucasians, that’s their little get outta jail free card.

  • PitBull

    Hey, shut upppp! The article is about compassion for the least of us….

  • ugottabe kidding me

    she loves the “knot”, when she’s “knotted” it gives her “high” that extra boost


    Plea to get help for free…Obviously she knows what sex is and how to touch a dog in a sexual manner….

  • Mark Duwe

    Imagine if you had a switch in your brain that you accidentally turned off that would not allow you to consider the consequences of your behavior, or even understand what you are doing while you are doing it. You are not in there controlling your brain anymore. That is mania on drugs.

  • HoosiersH8ProgressiveRetards

    Or as we call it here in Indiana, Progressive Socialism.

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