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Playful Pup Chews On His Owner’s Toes While He Sleeps – Bites Two of Them Off
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If you’ve ever played with a puppy or dog and got nipped a bit and had to push them away, did you ever wonder what the hyperactive beasts would do if you just let them? Roger Brown found out; he woke up at 4:30 a.m. to discover his 6-month old pit bull pup had been chewing on his toes — and chewed the big one and small one clean off! That’s a whole lot of eww, but then, why didn’t Brown, who lives in Brazil, Indiana, wake up and reprimand the playful pup? Brown has diabetes, and his toes were infected. He could not feel the blistering infections in his foot.

He blames himself, not the puppy, and won’t have the dog euthanized as city officials would prefer. Police do not consider this an attack, and so he plans to “continue raising and nurturing” his dog as normal. He says he should have wrapped his foot when he went to bed as usual, and that it was his own fault for not doing so now.


We’ve all had kittens or pups who scratched us up enough for friends to politely ask, “why is your hand covered in lacerations? Do you need to see a shrink?” but apparently these furry beasts can go quite far in their playful ferocity if you don’t toe them in line.


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