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Melissa Joan Hart’s Kickstarter Campaign Fails Utterly to Kick Off
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Not every crowdfunding attempt is going to be a raging success. Though “Veronica Mars” managed a Kickstarter project that garnered her $5.7 million in funding as an alternative to Hollywood funding, Melissa Joan Hart was unable to gain nearly so much, and ultimately failed to meet the stipulated goal. Hart, who is the 90’s teen star who starred in “Clarissa Explains It All,” “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” and the 1999 romantic comedy “Drive Me Crazy,” – and lately, the television series “Melissa and Joey” – had hoped to revitalize her career by raising $2 million for a fresh new movie, “Darci’s Walk of Shame.” Instead, she was able only to collect $51,605 in funds from 315 supporters, money that ultimately will be returned, as it fails to meet her goal.

The movie, “Darci’s Walk of Shame” was another romantic comedy, in which an ex-school teacher flies to Thailand solo to attend her sister’s wedding, but after sleeping with a waiter must manage to set things straight again and avoid the Walk of Shame in front of her family. The movie failed to inspire enough backing or enthusiasm.


Hart will meanwhile be returning to the third season of Melissa and Joey on May 29, a series featured on the channel ABC Family.


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