Last Minute Reading for Bar Exam Takers
Last Minute Reading for Bar Exam Takers
A Bully Decides to Record Her Story for all to Hear
A Bully Decides to Record Her Story for all to Hear
Murder of Retired Jersey City Police Officer Finally Solved
Murder of Retired Jersey City Police Officer Finally Solved
Engineer Fired by Ford After Listening Devices Found
Engineer Fired by Ford After Listening Devices Found

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Law Firms in Israel Merge During War

One of the largest law firms in Israel acquired a seven-lawyer technology firm in Tel Aviv, according to The Am Law Daily. Shibolet & Co. has acquired Israeli, Ben-Zvi, Attorneys at Law. Two partners and five associates will be brought… >read more

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Murder of Retired Jersey City Police Officer Finally Solved

A man from Georgia was arrested Thursday and charged with the murder of a retired Jersey City, New Jersey police officer, according to The Jersey Journal. The officer was discovered face down in his home with an electrical cord wrapped… >read more

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Engineer Fired by Ford After Listening Devices Found

The FBI is investigating a former Ford engineer after listening devices were discovered in meeting rooms at offices for the company, according to USA Today. A statement from Ford said that the company has “initiated an investigation of a now-former… >read more

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Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO

Keep it Simple Stupid: Confessions of a Bad Interviewer

Harrison Barnes | DATED: 07-25-2014

Many people make the common mistake of making their lives and work more complicated than they need to be. Interviewer, for example, are interested solely in your fit for the job rather than long-winded stories about you. Present yourself and your skills in a simple, easy to understand manner for best results.

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Florida’s GrayRobinson Adds New Practice Group to Handle Marijuana Issues

Even before any conclusion has been reached on Amendment 2 in Florida, or it has gone to the ballot, (November 2014), full service law firms are gearing up to tackle issues that may arise once the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative is passed. The approval of the proposal seems to be as much assured. The recent news is that Orlando-based GrayRobinson, one of Florida’s largest law firms has floated a new Regulated Products Practice Group anticipating demand of legal services in this grey area.

New Jersey Law Firm Sued By Paralegals for Overtime Pay

This week, the New Jersey Law Journal published the news of a law firm being sued in a collective action brought by paralegals for not paying for overtime. The news was interesting enough for the ABA Journal to pick up, because the law firm, in this case, is one that specializes in Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Don’t Leap Into Your Next Job

Date: 24-July-2014

Getting laid off is a psychological travesty. If you are married and have children, the strain can be unbearable, especially if your husband or wife has expectations that you are unable to meet. Intimacy is lost, respect is lost, and you will spend most of your time facing scowls and criticisms for unrelated peccadilloes. The […]  >read more

How to Encourage Yourself to Find the Right Job

Date: 17-July-2014

  With the necessary sense of loss over being laid off, we find ourselves in sinking sands. We took our situation for granted, found comfort in its regularity, and now that we are down and out, we might lack the skills to confidently face the challenge before us, that of finding a new job. Perhaps […]  >read more


Know Your Coworkers Personally

Date: 24-July-2014

There is a sense in the business world that success is like water: keep swimming or you drown. If you let yourself grow content that makes you lazy and complacent; you cease to be competitive and you get picked over when promotions are being handed out. Only if you keep the competitor’s edge and elbow […]  >read more

Attorney Career Resources:: Veteran Legal Recruiter Ranks and Analyzes Top American Law Schools

  Click here to read the full article on LawCrossing for a more in-depth look at each of these law schools. While it may seem unorthodox, my observations of the top law schools in the country do not conform to […]

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Capital Markets Counsel 3 Attorney

Wells Fargo & Company, a diversified financial services company, is seeking an experienced capital markets Attorney to join its Law Department in its Charlotte, NC office. The individual selected will join a team of Attorneys responsible for providing legal support in connection with secur...

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NY Ethics Panel Approves 90-Day Pre-Election Blackout in Public Service Announcements

July 23 ,2014