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DLA Piper Named Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year
DLA Piper Named Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year
Law Offices Creating Ebola Practices
Law Offices Creating Ebola Practices
Bankruptcy Judge Refuses to Drop Dewey & LeBoeuf Suit
Bankruptcy Judge Refuses to Drop Dewey & LeBoeuf Suit
Former Lawyer Will Serve Close to 70 Years for Bank Robberies
Former Lawyer Will Serve Close to 70 Years for Bank Robberies

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DLA Piper Named Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year

Summary: DLA Piper contributed over 200,000 hours of pro bono service worldwide throughout 2013. DLA Piper, one of the largest law firms in the world, was named the “Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year” by Who’s Who Legal. Throughout… >read more

No Comment October 31, 2014

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Bankruptcy Judge Refuses to Drop Dewey & LeBoeuf Suit

Summary: A New York bankruptcy judge will allow claims against former Dewey & LeBouef partners to go forward. According to the Wall Street Journal, a bankruptcy judge refused to dismiss lawsuits against seven former Dewey & LeBoeuf partners this week.… >read more

No Comment October 31, 2014
Convincing Tiger Costume Leads to Bestiality Charge

Summary: A man who had a fake bestiality sex video of a woman and a man in a tiger costume was arrested when officers believed the tiger was real. Somewhere, a tiger costume designer should be patting himself on the back.… >read more

No Comment October 30, 2014

Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO

Get Security By Concentrating on the Needs of Your Employer

Harrison Barnes | DATED: 10-31-2014

Concentrate on your employer’s needs in order to achieve career stability. While everyone seeks security, it is detrimental to approach your job search with this as your main motivator; concentrating instead on the value that you provide your employer will increase your own value. Give your job your all, and you will be seen a productive unit in your employer’s organization, and security will follow naturally.

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DLA Piper Sued by Facebook for Fake 'Owner' Claims

Summary:In response to Paul Ceglia’s claims that he owns 50 percent of Facebook, the social network has filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court that names DLA Piper, attorney Robert Brownlie and multiple other defendants for representing Ceglia in that lawsuit from 2010.

How to Overcome Barriers in Adopting IT in Law Firms

Summary: A recent report by Blue Hill Research suggests that mutual ignorance and distrust between lawyers and IT people serve as the root cause for law firms failing to get the right IT partners. The result is that, even during an era of recovery and rapid technological growth, from 2010-2014, US law firms, taken collectively, have not changed either IT spending or IT strategy to any significant extent. The study gives an insight into how those who managed to forge ahead broke the barriers between law firm expectations and IT environments.

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Getting out of the Rut of Not Having a Job

Date: 30-October-2014

  When we fall out of the routine of having a job, of working, it is all too easy to fall into a more painful rut: the spiral of feeling dread for our situation, and the inability to escape it. We find ourselves talking more and more about our negative moods to friends, wondering if […]  >read more

Washington State Preparing for Possible Military Downsizing with Grant from DOD

Date: 10-October-2014

Summary: The state of Washington is preparing to deal with potential military downsizing by putting a grant from the Department of Defense into action. The Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, recently said that the state will receive $4.3 million in a grant from the Department of Defense, according to Seattlepi. The grant will support local efforts […]  >read more


Downturn in IP Litigation Sector Hiring

Date: 31-October-2014

As legal recruiters, it is our job to keep up with, and ideally stay ahead of, the trends in the legal market as they relate to demand for hiring in various regions and practice areas.  One trend we had noticed on an anecdotal basis over the past couple months has been a significant downturn in […]  >read more

Career Resources:: Moving to California? Find Your Next Legal Job at LawCrossing

If you are planning a move to the state of California in the near future because of your spouse’s job, or any other reason, and don’t know what to do about your legal career, be sure to visit LawCrossing for […]

October 30, 2014 read more
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Employee Benefits Attorney / Consultant

  This premier consulting firm offers a good long-term opportunity with equity participation along with the best overall benefit plans of any national consulting firm.  They also offer an excellent salary with bonuses and profit sharing potential.  There is limited travel and lots ...

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Possible Drop-Off in IP Litigation Demand in the United States

October 31 ,2014