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Arizona Governor Signs Order Denying Benefits The Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, has signed an order this week that bans undocumented immigrants from receiving local public or state benefits even if they qualify for temporary legal status. The signing of the order was in response…>read more

No Comment August 17, 2012

Biden Maddens GOP with Middle Class Comments On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden reignited the arguing between the Democrats and the GOP when he said that the approach to the financial industry by the GOP would return the middle class to being ‘back in chains.’ Biden said…>read more

1 Comment August 16, 2012

Cops Allowed to Track Suspects by Phone without Warrants The United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled, 2-1, that police officers have the right to acquire location data from cellphones so they can track suspects without having warrants. The ruling comes from a case…>read more

No Comment August 16, 2012

Drew Peterson Removes Mistrial Request On Wednesday, a judge was told by Drew Peterson that he was withdrawing his request for a mistrial. His attorneys said that Peterson would like the current jury on the case to decide if he murdered his third wife. Judge…>read more

No Comment August 16, 2012

Bumbo Seat Recalled Once Again A new recall was announced earlier this week and it is for a very popular baby product; the Bumbo Baby Seat. Four million seats have been recalled since two dozen reports have been made about infants fracturing their skulls. Babies…>read more

No Comment August 16, 2012

Reverend Kenneth Miller Guilty in International Kidnapping Case On Tuesday, Reverend Kenneth Miller, from Stuarts Draft, Virginia, was convicted of aiding in international parental kidnapping. Miller helped a woman leave the United States instead of staying to share custody of her daughter with her ex-same-sex partner. Miller could…>read more

10 Comments August 16, 2012

Mayim Bialik Injured in Car Accident On Wednesday, actress Mayim Bialik was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles. The accident caused serious injuries to her left hand and thumb. Bialik was nominated for an Emmy for her work on “The Big Bang Theory.” The…>read more

No Comment August 16, 2012

Longest Serving Female Inmate in US Released from Prison Betty Smithey, sent to prison in 1963 on a life sentence for murder, walked out of prison on Monday of this week with a cane. Smithey holds the distinction of being the longest serving female inmate in the United States.…>read more

No Comment August 16, 2012

Religiosity Declines in United States Data has been released from a poll taken across the globe that shows religiosity in the United States is declining and atheism is rising. “The global Index of Religiosity and Atheism” discovered that 60 percent of Americans claim they are…>read more

No Comment August 16, 2012

Video of Dolphins Going Viral A group of friends recently went on a fishing trip off of the coast of Santa Cruz, California in what they thought was going to be a regular trip. But, since one of the friends was able to use a…>read more

No Comment August 15, 2012

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