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IEEE Sued in Los Angeles Superior Court for Implanting Big Brother Microchip Into Victim’s Head   It isn’t simply that the benevolent IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), who are eager to ease the strained market for electrical engineers in America these last few years, and to nobly soften the blow to pride and…>read more

No Comment March 20, 2014

Obama Takes Selfie at Funeral   With Merriam-Webster adding “selfie” to its lexicon, a word referring to photos taking of one’s self, by one’s self, often using a telephone camera, it seems everybody is in on this selfie craze. Even the president. Even at a…>read more

No Comment January 9, 2014

Don’t Sell Your Games at Gamestop     Everybody knows not to sell their video games at Gamestop, so this comic is all-too fitting on what it’s like to give your vintage high-quality games to the store. Better to sell your games on Ebay or even…>read more

No Comment January 4, 2014

LawCrossing Offers Opportunities When it Seems There are None There is no reason to go along with what everybody knows and say that “the market for legal talent is a bear, so why not get lazy and hold on to a job unworthy of you.” The best men and…>read more

No Comment December 6, 2013

VIDEO: 5-Year-Old Charms 911 Dispatcher as She Helps Her Dad through a Heart Attack   If you raise a child right they can have a great presence of mind, even during emergencies. The daughter in this video places a 911 call for her father, who is having what sounds like a heart attack, and…>read more

No Comment December 6, 2013

McDonald’s Accidentally Gives out Thousands of Dollars Instead of Fast-food   How annoying when you order your McDonald’s only to find a McChicken instead of a burger, or no fries, or some other screw-up that just shouldn’t happen. It gets to the point where you really have to just open…>read more

No Comment December 6, 2013

New Jersey Produces Surplus Lawyers: The Most in 6 Years The 670 New Jersey lawyers sworn in Tuesday, 500 of them at Trenton War Memorial, are a great increase in JDs in the employment pool, with a seventeen percent increase over last year – quite a figure, considering the legal…>read more

No Comment December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela Dies at 95   Former South African President Nelson Mandela has finally gone on to enjoy his deserved rest after a long life spent saving South Africa from apartheid government. It was his anti-apartheid activities that landed him in jail in 1964, long…>read more

No Comment December 6, 2013

VIDEO: McCutcheon & Hamner Become Entangled with Racist Video   Despite what they’re claiming, it seems Definitive Television has taken it upon themselves to produce a controversial ad for McCutcheon & Hamner, who don’t even use television ads, and they now refuse to take down their YouTube hit commercial,…>read more

No Comment December 5, 2013

St. Mary’s Law School Dean to Step Down After his Success   Like James K. Polk, the president who took office with a few specific goals in mind, and having achieved them, sought no second term, St. Mary’s law school dean Charles Cantú never intended to stay dean indefinitely. He wanted…>read more

No Comment December 4, 2013

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