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Man Arrested for Having Sex with Door

What does Anthony Bruce Berry, 57, of Lake Worth think of doors? They’re adorable. At least we can stipulate as much from the fact that he rubbed knobs with one, knocked it, banged it, whatever you want to say – engaged in the sort of relationship unnatural between man and door. All this front door action startled and amazed a business owner who video taped it and called police.

When policed arrived on the scene, they asked the man, who had subsequently abandoned the door without so much as leaving his phone number, and was sitting on a nearby park bench, whether he had exposed himself, and he cheerfully admitted that, “Yes, I have a mental problem!”

Oh, if that were only a get-out-of-jail free card! Are you refusing to pay your bill for all this food? “Yes, I have a mental problem”; did you just pinch my butt? “Yes, I have a mental problem”; did your organization deliberately vet GOP groups more vigorously when they applied for tax exemption? “Yes, I have a mental problem.” Oh, well, at least he knows he has a problem.


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Berry has faced charges of indecent exposure twice before, amidst 32 other arrests ranging from robbery to sexual assault to cocaine use. Evidently nobody told him not to bang the door when he comes through, but the door, for its part, seemed stiff-lipped and unwilling to comment on the incident.

Man Arrested for Having Sex with Door by

  • sam

    This man obviously really does have a mental problem. Based on the information that the author of this article has given, I would say that he may very well be a lost soul. However, the author should realize that mental problems are real and some of those who are afflicted with them have no more control over their actions than the severely mentally retarded. It is disturbing to me to think that Daniel Jones is earning his living off of the misery of the weak and helpless. Gandhi said, “You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest members.” Well, I will pray that this man gets better. Maybe it is too late for him. As for Mr. June, you are nothing more than a bully that makes his living on the misery of others. Your tactics are cheap. I would suggest that you find some inspiration, or quit writing altogether. Think about the pain that you have caused every time you gas up your Mercedes.

  • HelenaHanbasket

    Well he ought to not be running loose if he is “that” mental. He obviously needs HELP and locking him up or reprimanding him isn’t gonna work, OBVIOUSLY.

    Agreeing with Sam, I think it is bad to make this into some big joke.

    I feel that it is a form of bullying- but doesn’t the person being “bullied” have to take offense for it to be bullying? I mean, the fact of the matter is, that in most cases, the person hasn’t got a “normal” brain or conscience enough to be embarrassed or humiliated about it.

    Have a heart though- THAT COULD BE YOU.

    Oh, and he looks like Chuck (Berry).

  • HelenaHanbasket

    Fact: WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN. There are people who do weird things to the very things YOU TOUCH. Not to make light of this but think about it. Then they dig for change, open and close doors, use the same railing, etc. and pass it on.

  • Shani Moschetti

    Door whore.

  • Scott Miller

    Would June try to be this “funny” if his mother had Alzheimer’s and the story was about her.

  • Scott Miller

    You should get an education before making stupid comments. Oh, and he looks like Chuck Berry. Hahahahaha. Stupid!

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