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Christian Preacher Declares Hurricane Sandy to be God’s Wrath Against Homosexuals View Count: 553

It may be difficult to predict in advance when an earthquake or hurricane will hit, but one thing is easy to predict: after any great natural disaster a self-appointed spokesmen for God will declare that this is God’s judgment – usually for the sin of homosexuality. So on cue, Chaplain John McTernan has given us the real cause of hurricane Sandy, which has been smacking around the American East Coast. Should we blame permutations in the flux of temperature systems, and so forth? Not at all. It’s sin! God is angry at both Obama and Romney for being too lenient on the homosexual agenda.

“God is systematically destroying America,” writes McTernan on his blog. “Just look at what has happened this year.”


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“Obama is 100 percent behind the Muslim Brotherhood which has vowed to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem. Both candidates are pro-homosexual and are behind the homosexual agenda. America is under political judgment and the church does not know it.”

The “Homosexual Agenda” refers to an initiative group, mostly mythical, the same way the “Protocols of Zion” supposedly exposed the Jewish agenda. While of course Homosexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgendered folks are fighting for their rights, some conspiracy theorists look at their influence as much more insidious and far reaching.

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Whatever the case, Romney is accused as well. “Yes, he is a big time pro-homosexual supported to the point he will keep open homosexuality in the military; he wants homosexuals in the Boy Scouts; and he wants more open homosexuals in the Republican Party.”

Myths and legends about God destroying whole cities because he does not approve of their way of life have a striking example in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, which is a working archetype for such preachers as McTernan. In the story, God destroys the cities for their inhospitality, and also, it has been argued, for their homosexual practice. With such a precedent, preachers and pastors throughout the ages have “predicted” post facto that God would destroy a given city, often but not always because of public stance on homosexuality.

Just after the twin towers collapsed, Pat Robertson identified the true terrorist not to be Islamic radicals, nor the U.S. government, secretly manipulating our sympathies, but God himself, punishing us for – you got it, homosexual sympathizing. So when an earthquake levels a village or a Hurricane blasts the East coast, you can be certain a self-appointed spokesman of God will declare the event to be God’s judgment.

Christian Preacher Declares Hurricane Sandy to be God’s Wrath Against Homosexuals by

  • Brandt Hardin

    Obama is the first President brave enough to support the GLBT community’s access to basic civil rights. The church and conservative hands paint a Blackface on him for defending this human-rights issue. Religious doctrine and the bigotry which goes along with it have NO place in politics.

  • SteelMan

    AMEN BROTHER MCTERNAN! I am a born again Christian and I agree 100 percent. Hurricane Sandy is God’s judgement against Satan’s children who hate the Lord Jesus Christ and who hate the Jewish people and who embrace homosexual sodomy as a good thing. Notice: The New York City Halloween/Helloween parade has been canceled for the first time in 39 years. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! God is love and Jesus died for all humans but if someone hates Jesus and has no room in their heart for Him, there is no room for them in Heaven. And if they attack the PROMISED LAND OF GOD’s CHOSEN PEOPLE, the JEWS, then God will bring destruction to their society!

  • Dr Casey Smith

    America has become the habitation of “every foul spirit” of religion and as thus; God’s jealously and cup of wrath is filling up against America. Homosexuality is one of many sins that our nation must repent of. While grotesque and rebellious; it is an extended fruit that has come from a nation that has forgotten the God of the Bible – the one true and living God. For Christians, I say “watch and pray.” For unbelievers, I say “flee the wrath to come.”

  • feetxxxl

    under the new covenant we believers are not under wrath(the law) ” if a man hears my words and does not do them, i do not judge him because i came to save the world.” either we are under judgemnet or grace. paul says repeatedly we are not under the law. romans says that we died to the law(we had to die to the law….which obedience to under the old covenant was about man’s righteousness) to be resurrected in christ into the realm of serving of his spirit, his love.(not the written code)which is about god’s righteousness. the lives and marriages of those who are gay, are of christ’s love(fruit of his spirit,,gal5) in the same way as those of heterosexuals. where his spirit rests(who we serve) is what is of him.

  • Faresalis Bookcarrier

    Christians’ (and Moslems’) problem with homosexuality is rooted in the dishonesty in reading (establishing a comprehensive chronology from) their own scripture;

    From a common sense it is NOT and NEVER possible for inhabitants of a WHOLE city (of Sodom, which were allegedly being “initially heterosexuals”; Romans 1: 26-27) to turn into homosexuals within a single generation. As long as we (are allowed to) have our own tastes and freewill, that sort of situation is not logical, because even the very existence of homosexuality is by itself a proof that humans can never be uniform in sexual tastes, could we? Yet it did happen in Sodom, for anyone believing in the Bible anyhow.

    Chronologically, Romans 1: 24 gives the “why”:

    God Itself made them homosexuals, as a punishment for their idolatry, as starkly stated in Romans 1: 29. And the destruction of Sodom was ignited by the rape attempt, NOT homosexuality (compare Genesis 19 with the context on Judges 19:25-26 & 20:35-37)

    Anyone not liking this Biblical explanation can either provide their theory without denying ANYTHING the Bible said, or they can stop believing in it. This is the only explanation for any ^honest^ reader of the Bible who still wants to believe that God is equally just to everyone, and does not punish-condemn arbitrarily (or doesn’t It, lol? more below). The holy text of Islam TWICE quoted a statement from the mouth of Lot that NO HUMAN of any nation has ever “experienced homosexuality” prior to his time (Sura 7: 20 &29: 28).

    Without looking at the Bible, how can Christians answer “howcome homosexuality then and now can exist, and for what reasons?” BUT if no human has ever “graduated w/ good mark” from that “test of homosexuality” and even God Itself intriguingly chose saving Lot from it, then why is it still here? Howcome some “homosexuality-curing” churches and mosques dare to do something that their God has never prescribed and never given examples of?

    Wanna know more about that allegedly just and compassionate God? Take this as a X-mas gift from me; find and read “The Problem of Divine Sovereignty, Predestination, Salvation and Human Free Will” by Sam Shamoun on “answering dash islam dot org” — Faresalis; an ex-Moslem homosexual agnostic, in Indonesia.

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