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$300M Claim Last One to Die in Battle Between Tycoon and Model
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Vickie Lynn Marshall, aka Anna Nicole Smith, died of a drug overdose in 2007 but continues to make headlines.  Smith’s 3 year old daughter was positioned to inherit the $300 million her mother claimed to have received as a gift from Smith’s late husband, Howard Marshall.  Marshall’s son, E. Pierce Marshall fought Smith for more than a decade until the day he died in 2006.  Though the amount in question in this latest suit was only $300 million, J. Howard Marshall’s estate is said to have been worth $1.6 billion.  With both parties deceased, the case finally made its way to federal appeals court and was put to rest.

As counsel for Smith’s estate, Kent Richland, said he would appeal the  ruling.  Every claim Smith filed to get her hands on that money was eventually dismissed.  All that’s left for Smith’s 3 year old daughter is the cache of being Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter.  Since we live in a time when people are famous for being famous, she may actually get a chance to cash in and bring this story back to the headlines, no doubt making her mama proud.



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