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This article is aimed at two principal categories of readers. First, those readers who wish to study law but have no intention of becoming professionally qualified and practicing as a solicitor or at the Bar, and secondly, those readers who started their legal education with every intention of practicing law but who, for one reason or another now finds that that particular ambition cannot be fulfilled.

There are many and varied reasons why you might choose to study law and that choice could be made at different stages in your life. If you became an undergraduate straight from school then your choice may partly have been influenced by parents, schools, and careers advisers. During the course of your studies any assumptions about what it would be like to study law and be a lawyer may well change as you mature and develop, and your original attraction to the subject may wane. If you find yourself in this position it does not necessarily mean that you have to leave law altogether, but it can mean that you become interested in law as a subject of study and are attracted into academic life, or it can mean that you choose to use your law degree to gain employment beyond private practice if you feel this provides a more varied context for your skills. For example, rather than confining yourself to practicing law you could join the civil service and become part of the policy process for Government or join a large corporate organization and become part of an entrepreneurial management team. Read More at LawCrossing




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