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Judge Punished for Inappropriate Facebook Posts 
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Lawsuit Filed over Dog Dying by Eating Waggin’ Train Treats View Count: 247

On Wednesday, Dennis Adkins from Illinois sued both Nestle Purina Petcare and Wal-Mart Stores, alleging that his 9-year old Pomeranian died from eating chicken jerky treats the defendants knew posed a substantial risk of illness or death. Adkins holds that a 9-year old dog dying from eating a dog treat is not “what nature intended.”

The federal lawsuit filed in Chicago seeks class-action status. Adkins, 57, claims that the packaging of Nestle Purina’s Waggin’ Train Yam Good dog treats claims the product as “just wholesome goodness” and “it’s what nature intended.”


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Adkins said that after buying from Wal-Mart he fed the treats one each day from March 13 to 15 to his 9-year old Pomeranian, Cleopatra, without any change in the rest of her diet. But Cleopatra died on March 26 of kidney failure, while another 9-year old Pomeranian owned by Adkins, who was not fed the treat, did not become ill.

The suspicions of Adkins may not be entirely unfounded. In November, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported an increase in dog illnesses linked with chicken jerky from China. The USFDA had issued a warning over the matter in 2007.

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Adkins submitted that he was unaware of the risk involved in the food and that later he came to know that Nestle Purina was aware of more than 500 cases in which dogs died or became ill after being fed the chicken jerky imported from China.

Adkins said that there was no FDA warning on the packages. “Who in their right mind would feed something to an animal that has an FDA warning?” Adkins said in a phone interview with the media.

Nestle Purina spokesman Bill Salzman said: “We believe the claims made in the suit to be without merit and intend to vigorously defend ourselves. We can say that Waggin’ Train products continue to be safe to feed as directed.’

The Wal-Mart spokesman Greg Rossiter said, “We go further than other U.S. retailers in requiring our suppliers of pet food and treats to gain the same level of food safety certification required of our human food suppliers.”

The case is Adkins v. Nestle Purina Petcare Co et al, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, No. 12-02871.

Lawsuit Filed over Dog Dying by Eating Waggin’ Train Treats by

  • P.A. Reysen

    Vet confirmed kidney falure in our 13 yr old Shitzu. Had previously reported to FDA of possible Melamine posion due to many years of Waggin Train Treats. X-ray confirms large bladder stone and kidney stone. When I emailled the co. they had someone, an attorney I assume, to find out exposure. When I mentioned that there will be a necropsy by the state vet, the call was terminated. We don’t have much time left before he passes, and I am really intrested in participating in this action. Please contact me via e-mail for any additional information.

  • caramia cyr

    I had two healthy happy miniture dogs one a puppy i had given them wagon trail treats for about a week one a day i no longer have the puppy with me she died in 3 days i was worried it was parvo so i took her to the vet she was puking the first day passing blood in her diariah the second then had liver and kidney failer at the vets over night she died my vet bill was 1500 they found no trace of parvo or knew what was wrong with her now my boy dog is sick so i took him to the vet and explained what i fed him in the past they told me they are doing a recall on the dog treats i fed him and its a possibility he wont live i cant afford another vet bill and it is killing me to see him die slowly and i feel a fool for the mistake i made buying 14.99 dog treats at walmart never even knew what was to come

  • Sheila Demus

    I was feeding the jerky tenders to my 2 year old Yorkie. She absolutely loved them and I loved the sensible price. I started noticing she was vomiting after eating them. I assumed that possibly the chicken fat was getting to her. So, I absolutely stopped feeding her the jerky treats. I had no idea I was POISONING her. My dog is like my baby and she gives me so much love. I am glad I went on my instinct that there was something seriously wrong with these treats. My dog would of continued eating them had I kept feeding them to her cause she loved them like I love chocolate. Shame on you Walmart. I am a regular customer at your stores and I spend over a hundred dollars a week on average. Do you want me to boycott your store? Pets are like people’s children. What are you going to do next. Market a product that is dangerous for our kids….Stop the madness and be responsible to the consumer with products you promote by putting them on your shelves to be consumed by your patrons. Take them off your shelves. Lord knows you have plenty of other products to take its place! My dog has now come to love the milk bone biscuits! If I ever witness her vomiting those I will discontinue allowing her to eat those. But, she has been eating those for several months now and has not had any trouble…Stop the madness and my heart gos out to those whose pets have suffered from these products.

  • Danielle Pfeifer

    When I first got my puppy in 2010 I fed him the waggin treats from Costco and smokehouse chicken and duck treats. He developed a weird reacuring inflammation on his face that the vet couldn’t explain, he required surgery and drains then he developed a weird skin condition that the vets figured was caused by allergies but we didn’t know what to. After he lost most of his hair, many medications, antibiotics and antihystames later I put him on a raw food diet and avoided all chicken. A year later and my dog is doing great with no allergies and a beautiful coat but hasn’t had any of these chicken treats, could they have been the cause? Is there a class action suit I can join? I spent thousands and maxed out credit cards in surgeries, expensive shampoos and food and weekly check ups for a year.


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