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Wisconsin Orders Recall Election as Nation Looks On

Wisconsin was just in a tough situation. This is the gist of the explanation that Wisconsin Lt. Gove Rebecca Kleefisch and Gov. Scott Walker give, now that the Government Accountability ruled 5-0 this Friday to have their election recalled.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been inspiring protest with his policy which has limited the power of public employee unions. His measures have effectively compromised the rights for collective bargaining amount most state workers, leading to anti-Walker demonstrations that sometimes number as high as 100,000.

Kleefisch saw the situation as telling. “What happens in Wisconsin has potential to effect every state in this nation whether Wisconsin voters choose to go forward or backward, back to the failed policies of the past that got us in the budget crunch that we fixed in the first place.”

She refers to the $3.6 billion budget deficit which inspired Republicans to take drastic measures to fix the budge crisis without yet raising taxes.


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“We asked our public sector employees to contribute 12.6 percent toward their healthcare, about the national average, 5.8 percent towards their pension, which is about half the national average, and we made some changes to collective bargaining, which was [a] financial [issue] to us.”

Nevertheless, she denied picking on unions, saying “No, no, absolutely not. In fact, we can’t have a class of haves and have nots based on whether you work in the public or the private sector here in Wisconsin. We’ve seen savings of $848 million between state and local governments and taxpayers come up to us every day and say thank you.”

Nevertheless, the critics have spoken, and there are up to 9 Democratic candidates prepared to bid for the Elections, which are scheduled for June 5, with primaries on May 8.

“Today, for the first time in Wisconsin history, a recall election was certified against a sitting governor,” said state Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate. “This is no great cause for celebration, mainly because the reasons for recall are so grave. … Wisconsin deserves an honest discussion about her future. Today’s actions ensure that this judgment will now be in the hands of the people.”

Strange language for a representative system, but perhaps what Wisconsin needs. The Friends of Scott Walker campaign responded saying:

“We have long said that we anticipated the election process would move forward. Now it is time for voters to examine the choice they will make in June. We believe a majority of Wisconsin voters will stand with governor Walker’s record of laying the foundation for a more successful Wisconsin while moving the state forward and against the progress the governor has made by prematurely ending his term in this $9 million power grab by the out-of-state special interested.”

Wisconsin Orders Recall Election as Nation Looks On by

  • Jerry Forsythe

    Wisconsin voters show that they are ignorant, and obey their masters (which at this time is Big Labor). Ok people from Wisconsin, what are you going to do when your State ends up BROKE like the idiots from California? It is amazing how people can be lead to believe DUMB things. You now prove that you are almost as stupid as the people who reside in Massachusetts!!!!!

  • Thomas Nacey Jr.

    Mr. Forsythe shows a high disdain for the intelligence of the Wisconsin voters, the “idiots” from California and the “stupid” people of Massachusetts. Apparently the qualifying standards to achieve his brand of political Mensa-hood are to strip Constitutional rights on the nebulous basis of receiving a paycheck funded through tax dollars. Would he prefer all Government services bid out to the lowest bidder? Who would then pay the cheapest wages, and have the worst benefits? Police? Sanitation? Highway Department? At what point would these now privatized employees get fed up and organize? Or would the next step of Mr. Forsythes’ political nirvana be a complete outlawing of Union membership? Henry Clay Frick and Andrew Carnegie tried that very thing in Homestead , Penna. in the 1890′s. J.P.Morgan tried that with U.S.Steel in Gary , Indiana about the same time and various other robber barons did their damndest to make Union membership illegal. It “interfered” with profits. I guess now we are in the “Weasel Baron” era. Same type of people, except they work behind a screen of lawyers and bought media. However, one trait seems to run eternally through their philosophy, and that would be their disdain and hatred of 90% of the population. It seems to ask for dignity, a living wage and an honest voice that matters enrages certain people, mainly because those things might interfere with profits, or in this instance,tax revenues. Mr. Forsythe, what’s more important: People…or Business? I can answer that in one word, and I hope you , with a little reflection, can do the same. There are always TWO sides to a negotiating table, and for every tale you will tell of Union strong-arm tactics and “Goons”, I will tell you a tale of corporate duplicity, insider back-room deals, and political chicanery. The very tenuous hold on freedom that remains to working people is their right to band together and ask for redress of their grievances. If you asked the British in 1776 about those “rabble” in the Colonies, you would probably hear an echo of your own words as they complained about the “stupid” people of Pennsylvania, the “idiots” in Conneticut, and especially those “ignorant” subjects of the King in Virginia. Wasn’t that about tax revenues, too?

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