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Father Arrested, Stripped, Searched, and Interrogated when Kindergarten Daughter Drew Picture of Toy Gun View Count: 175

A father from Kitchener Ontario was arrested on Wednesday when picking his daughter up to school, was taken into the police station, not specifically explained his charge, strip-searched, had his children taken to be questioned by child-services, and had his pregnant wife be made to come in to answer ambiguous questions, all on account that his kindergartener daughter having drawn a picture of a man holding a gun.

“I’m picking up my kids and then, the next thing you know, I’m locked up,” said Jessie Sansone, 26.


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Turns out the “gun” was a transparent plastic kid’s toy.

Not that the school is apologizing. Though the police department and possibly the child’s protective services are doing internal investigations, the school is sticking to their own guns in saying they did the right thing. They, of course, found the likelihood of a real gun being given to the children as a toy to be compelling. The child had, after all, explained her drawing, saying, “That’s my daddy’s. He uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters.” Perhaps she said this in a tone that suggested seriousness. There was no report if a search for the alleged monsters is also under way.

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“From a public safety point of view, any child drawing a picture of guns and saying there’s guns in the home would warrant some further conversation with the parents and child,” said Alison Scott, director of Family and Children’s Services, not mentioning arrests and strip searches, and regarding a child’s drawing of guns (or even swords?) to be an unlikely event.

“I couldn’t confirm that mistakes were made as we will be doing an internal review to try and establish if they were,” said Inspector Kevin Thaler. “What we were investigating was a drawing of a handgun [that is, a plastic toy] at the school and subsequently through the investigation, the officers identified the weapon that was drawn was, in fact, a replica to gun in the residence.” The “replica” he refers to replicates a model that must be out of circulation.

“We have seen these weapons,” he continued, in reference to the plastic rubber dart gun, “we have seen these ‘items’ are in our community, they have been altered and would appear to an adult to be a real firearm, and in these cases they were used to commit robberies, and in this case I am not surprised that a child had the belief that it was real,” he said, alleging that the child regarding the transparent plastic toy gun which she no doubt saw in action as capable of killing real life ‘bad guys.’

Allison Scott defended herself in these terms: “We followed all policies and procedures as required and I would not have anything further to add to this,” she said, adding, “We are mandated under provincial legislation to respond to situations of child protection,” alleging that this in fact was such a situation. “If you would like to speak to our provincial association further about the provincial requirements you can call our Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies,” she further deferred.

Sansone had this to say, after all the official and oh so necessary mistakes were made: “To be honest with you, I broke down. My character got put down so much. I was actually really hurt, like it could happen that easy.”

Father Arrested, Stripped, Searched, and Interrogated when Kindergarten Daughter Drew Picture of Toy Gun by

  • nikki

    I have to say that I’m shocked that the schoold DID call the authorities. Having been an active parent in my school, and having dealt with my own daughter (8 at the time) being continually slapped and physically assaulted,other parent extremely serious complaints from parents, and seeking help with bullying issues…one parent is now in court as a result of the school doing nothing and their child ending up sexually raped, another distress parent with a mentally challenged child who begged and pleaded for help, only to catch her child with butcher knives in his backpack and a third incidend of sexual assaults taking place at school with CAS and School Board knowing this for a year and a half, failing to inform parents of ANYTHING, and failing to put in any precautions (all in the newpaper), I am again TOTALLY SHOCKED, that the school Board or even Police, did anything about this! Let alone took steps that were totally out of line, illegal and violated our constitutional rights, to have this dad violated, belittled and labelled to say the least!
    I am personally tired of the entire education system and the way it is run and think it is time that parents take a STRONG STAND AGAINST IT AND FINALLY ENFORCE ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

    I quote a response from Michael O’Keefe, Minsitry of Education, in respose to a complaint regarding the Upper Grand District School Board’s violation of the Education Act, it’s policies, acts, ects all enacted to protect our children and parents…”SCHOOL BOARDS ARE TOTALLY INDEPENDANT OF GOVERNMENT”. And I ask myself every day, why in God’s name do we pay any representavie, official, etc. above the school board level to act or make legislation on our behalf??!!

    The Educators and those in cahoots with them, including our Police Depts (for this is not the first incident) and public Trustees, are not out for the beneifit of our children but for self benefit and act with nothing more than blatently bad judgment. I always though it a prerequisite that when dealing with children, to have had children. They come in many shapes and forms and experience far supersedes education in these career choices.

    The rising abuse of power, or perhaps a better analogy would be bad judgement, of our MUSH Sector is evident by the rising number of civil cases. Their continued abuse of power and their misguided need to take the role of “co-parent” needs to stop or be controlled, or as the Education system itself says “be accountable”.

    We’re not foster parents or womb donors – we’re here to raise our future leaders. We’re here to be treated as adults, pay our taxes and have our rights protected. And somebody better start to take note of it because I have a feeling if this parent pursues this matter correctly, and uses this incident not just to his benefit but to the beneifit of all parents that are judged and discriminated against by teachers, principals, etc., this could be a landmark decision and could give some power back to the parents, community etc., find a better balance and make our world a better place.

  • wow24

    This is ridiculous, I know there are shootings and stuff going on in some of the schools, but this was taken way too far. There are guns for gaming consoles that are used too. This is a 4 year old for goodness sake. They should have called the parents in and questioned them at the school after the girl drew the picture. Not just arrest the father, seriously, get out of people’s lives.

  • ConcernedMan

    This is a problem that is only going to get worse, because we have a system in place like child protections that can work outside the law and this case is a golden example of this. There this is something that one would expect in Stalinist Communism but no this is happening here in Canada. When it comes to child protection services there are no consequences and it will be up to government to write regulations that should be constitutional and respect constitutional rights. Common criminals are not striped of these rights and police have to follow protocols that does not strip the alleged criminal.

    When it comes to common sence there really seems to not be any. If these groups are allowed to continue violateing the rights of the people for little to no hard evidence of some wrong doing how long will the people put up with this before there will be rioting in the streets and some real damage is done. Again it is time for the government to step in put in place regulations and consequences for not following those reg’s. Because we are no longer headed toward a police state where the people really have no rights we are already there. Yes it is here and not in the third world.

  • InTheRealWorld

    The real tragedy is the people that believe everything that the media feeds them.

  • KJQ

    Both the head of the school board and the head of the CAS droned on about “working with parents”. Um – then why did none of either organizations staff contact either parent to ‘feel them out’? Not-one-word. This is the kind of insanity our politically correct, nanny state driven lives will lead to. I hope Jesse sues the teacher, the principal, the school board, the CAS, and the police department. I see he’s got a great lawyer already. He needs to do this, not just for himself, but for the rest of us.

  • angela s

    I think the police went way too far in this case, but I must say that as a teacher we are legally obligated to report ANY suspicion of anything that might cause harm to a child. This article is incredibly biased and makes the school sound stupid, but we don’t know all the facts of what the child said at school. We have had many teachers report potential abuse cases in our school and had them be false alarms, but the fact is that we HAVE to report it by law. I would rather know that my child’s teachers are looking out for their best interest. However, it seems like the police went way out of line in arrested and strip searching the father. A simple drop in by child services and a talk with the family would have been fine.

  • crazy

    This is how police get their entertainment.

  • Crazy

    Is this how the police get their entertainment?

  • http://Facebook/meajones Mea

    Welcome to Tyranny. These fake child protectors are THE most serious threat to the family, bar none. Google child protection corruption to find out how easily they can steal your child. Don’t get sucked into their lies – this has nothing to do with protecting children but everything to do with making money, justifying budgets and increasing totalitarian control.

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