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Abortion Providers get a Win in Wisconsin
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“Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed Is Suing for $15 Million
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Beasley Allen Files Class Action Suit Against Methadone Clinics View Count: 408

Beasley Allen has filed a class action lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Montgomery, Alabama on behalf of a local woman, alleging the Defendants operated “Methadone Clinics” which promised to treat addictions to heroin and prescription drugs by providing detoxification and counseling services. However, patients were instead charged weekly for methadone without receiving treatment to end addiction.

Named Defendants are Colonial Management Group, L.P., Colonial GP, L.P.; and Montgomery Liquidating Professional Corporation d/b/a Montgomery Metro Treatment Center and Gilberto Sanchez, M.D.


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According to today’s press release at PR Newswire, Beasley Allen founding shareholder Jere L. Beasley was quoted as saying: “These companies told our client and others that they would help them overcome their drug addictions when, in fact, all they have done is gotten them hooked on methadone. It is nothing more than legalized drug dealing. They should be ashamed of what they have done to a tremendous number of people who trusted and depended on them.”

Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, Beasley Allen is comprised of 44 attorneys and more than 200 support staff. Beasley Allen is a national leader in civil litigation, with verdicts and settlements of over $20 billion. Beasley Allen is the largest plaintiff’s law firm in the country whose offices are located in one city.

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Beasley Allen files class action lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Montgomery, Alabama on behalf of a local woman, alleging the Defendants namely Colonial Management Group, L.P. and Montgomery Liquidating Professional Corporation d/b/a Montgomery Metro Treatment Center and Gilberto Sanchez, M.D. They have been operating methadone clinics that promised to treat addictions to heroin and prescription drugs by providing detoxification and counseling services.

Beasley Allen Files Class Action Suit Against Methadone Clinics by

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is that from 2002 through Spring of 2006 I myself was a patient of the above named clinic. I can guarantee that if this patient wanted to in fact stop taking Methadone all they needed to do was let them know. They would have been placed on a managed detox and monitored. But no one can read anyone else’s mind. If a patient does not speak up how are they to know what it is exactly they want. It is my honest opinion this patient sees a way to which they can make some easy money and are taking the steps to do so.
    counseling is provided. But my experience while going to this clinic is that the majority of the patients were reluctant to attend such counseling. Many of them stated they did not have time, or simply thought they needed no such counseling.
    I applaud Montgomery Metro Treatment Center. They along with Methadone helped save my life.
    At one point when I decided that I wanted to start lowering my daily dose of Methadone, I was allowed to do so at a pace that was comfortable for me. At no time was I told that I had to keep taking Methadone. This lawsuit is a waste of time.

  • Anonymous

    wITHIN 2 MONTHS i PUT ON 80 POUNDS OF WaTER WEIGHT TO THE PoINT THAT IT WAS LEACHING OUT OF MY SKIN, AS IF i WAS BLEEDING,BUT MY SKIN WOULD JUST BURST OPEN AND START LEACHING WATER OR ClEAR FlUID OUT OF MY SKIN. eVEN ON 3 80MG lASIX A DAY IT DOES NOT KEEP THE WaTER WEIGHt DOWN AND i STILL TO THIS DAY hAVE a problem. I still cannot keep the water weight off and I never had a probem with it before thn, The veins in my legs have spidered, I have cellulitis now which I did not before, neuopathy in my feet and lower legs, and the veins in my upper legs on my thighs are standing up about 1/2″ high and 1/2″wide. I am in a terrible amount of pain all the time in my legs, and the methadone which was given to me for my migraines: did not only not help my migraines but has pushed me into a medication nightmare of the unknown in order to keep them under control.I also have had a tremendous amount of memory loss. Mostly short term. I can remember things long ago, but not current things and conversation. I use to be able to not only remember but be able to say back verbatum a conversation tht may have happened months or years ago. i can no longer even come close to that. Most of the time now, I cannot remember tings for more than a couple hours or days. then its gone. My memory was one of my strongest suits. When I was in business in Florida, and needed to remember a conversation verbatum for a judge I had no problem pulling it back up immediately.I had pretty legs at one time, but at this time I would frighten small children with the way they look. Scars all over from where it leached out and took yrs to heal. I really need your help. I would appreciate contact either by phone or email. My name is Judy ann Hill 130 Saint Catherine Street, madawaska, Maine, 04756 207-3116-1010 I look forward to hearing from you. I do have extensive pictures of my legs during the timmes they have been at their worst. God bless, Judy ann Hill

  • john

    how do i get intouch with this lawfirm

  • Robin Hutchinson

    I am one of the apparently rare survivors of the harms of methadone, my friend was not so lucky and died Nov 2012 of fatal toxicity of methadone and xanax, I was taking methadone and ativan.
    About 2005, I was put on methadone for pain management. Approximately a month later, if that long, I began passing out and sleeping a lot- the problem was that I could not be woken up! Then came the “seizures” and countless trips to the ER via ambulance. The last time it happened, I was out for 6 hours and the ER doctor was prwpairing to intubate me when I came to; I was accused of overdosing, but I had my pills with me and when they counted them, I actually had more than what I should’ve had!
    It was not until several years later, when I came across a study that described what happens when ativan and methadone are taken together…respiratory arrest…and not just occasionally, more than 80% of the time and a high number of those died! I am lucky, many many others are not and I want to help!

  • Curtis Thompson

    I had been a patient at Richmond Treatment Center in Indiana. I was trying to detox off of methadone properly. They made it so difficult that I couldnt do so. With my “counseling” I had to bring in check stubs to show that I was employed. When I brought my check stub into my couselor(he stated I earned twice what he did annually) he got very upset. I had been a patient at the clinic for over 12 yrs. I was a stellar patient but mysteriously failed a drug test and was taken from a months take home to 2 weeks take home. but no more than a month later i was given a certificate for 1 yr of clean drug screens. I have successfully detoxed from 139 to 46 mg (which they did not encourage at all). When they saw I was detoxing successfully I mysteriously failed another drug screen and was encouraged to increase my dose. I am very proud to say that the only substance that I have ingested over the last 12 yrs is methadone. Once they told me I failed this drug test I offered to go straight to the local hospital and take a blood test and I would pay for it but they denied me that opportunity. My main goal in contacting you is to hopefully save some poor soul from the agony, embarrassment, and redderick that I have went through. I saw many kids being accepted into this program that didnt need to be and they were encouraged to increase their dose quickly. Right after the second time they said I failed a drug screen I withdrew myself from the program. I will do anything in my power to help advocate against and stop anyone else from going through what I went through. Thank you for your time

  • Curtis Thompson

    Hello again,
    Well its been going on four weeks since I withdrew from R.T.C. It’s rough but doable. The frist week out of treatment R.T.C contacted me by phone and suggested I remain in treatment. They called me last week to see if I wanted to come back, not to check on my well-being. After a trip to my dentist with several bad teeth I was told 12 yrs of methadone was the cause. I also went to my optomistrist after noticing my eye sight dimishing over the past few yrs. Now I have what they called lazy eye (im cockeyed) which didnt start to turn out till my senond yr of treatment. the optomistrist stated it was do to the methadone. Would love to receive some info from your ferm. If I dont hear back ill just try to find a firm in my state that I live in. ANYONE that reads this and is considering entering into a methadone maintenance program DONT!!!!! It’s not worth it.

  • Jeff Jefferson

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