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Science Tells Us What Messing with a Child’s Head Does to Them
Science Tells Us What Messing with a Child’s Head Does to Them
Akerman Adds Five Litigation Attorneys in Chicago
Akerman Adds Five Litigation Attorneys in Chicago
Fitchburg State and UMass Law Sign Agreement to Reduce Course Duration
Fitchburg State and UMass Law Sign Agreement to Reduce Course Duration
Grand Jury to Be Presented Evidence by Prosecutors on Ferguson Shooting
Grand Jury to Be Presented Evidence by Prosecutors on Ferguson Shootin...

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Akerman Adds Five Litigation Attorneys in Chicago

Summary: Akerman LLP adds five litigation attorneys including three well-known trial lawyers at its Chicago office. Akerman LLP, announced on Wednesday that five litigators, including prominent trial lawyers Douglas Albritton, Martin Tully and Dara Tarkowski, as well as Lauren Cooper… >read more

No Comment August 21, 2014

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SeaWorld Being Investigated for Potential Fraud by Rosen Law Firm

Summary: The Rosen Law Firm, from New York City, has opened an investigation into the marine theme park SeaWorld for potential fraudulent actions and comments.  The Rosen Law Firm PA, from New York City, has announced that it is “investigating potential… >read more

No Comment August 20, 2014
Samsung Settles False Claims Act Allegations for $2.3 Million

Summary: Samsung settles False Claims Act allegations for $2.3 million without any determination of liability or admission of having caused alleged violations of the TAA. Samsung Electronics America Inc. has agreed to pay $2.3 million to resolve allegations that it… >read more

No Comment August 20, 2014

Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO

Amazon, Uber, Flesh-eating Bacteria and The Most Important Advice You Will Ever Receive

Harrison Barnes | DATED: 08-20-2014

I’ve been using the same driver to take me to and from the airport for years. The last time, the car he picked me up in was not as clean as it normally was. He also usually had a few chilled bottles of water waiting for me (and a Diet Coke). This time, there was […]

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BCG Attorney Search

Top Federal Litigator Jonathan Haray Joins DLA Piper

Summary: Jonathan Haray, former SEC Litigation Counsel and Deputy Chief of the Fraud and Public Corruption Section of the DA’s office at Washington D.C, joins DLA Piper.

HIPAA and Information Governance in Law Firms

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule has consolidated and formalized many privacy rules regarding personal health information and also, in most aspects, made law firms liable as business associates of covered entities with or without any contract defining law firms as such. The HIPAA Task Force Report 2014 deals with best practices of information management in law firms in regard to HIPAA compliance.

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Let Vision Guide Your Choice of Your Next Job

Date: 14-August-2014

  There is an old joke they make about people who have been laid off. The former employer “gave them the opportunity to seek other employment.” Despite the cynicism of this euphemism, there is some truth in it. Just as people who went blind as adults sometimes say that going blind is the best thing […]  >read more

California Sends Layoff Notices to More Than 60 Psychiatric Technicians

Date: 04-August-2014

The California Department of Human Resources has sent a mail to the California Association of Psychiatric Technicians notifying of “Staffing Reductions: California Correctional Health Care Services 2014 Population Adjustment.” The layoffs are to take effect from December 1 2014, and according to the Sacramento Bee, there are 66 state employees on the warning list for […]  >read more


How Important is Future Promotion when Considering an Offer?

Date: 14-August-2014

Our candidates often ask us how important it is to weigh future promotion prospects (either to counsel or partnership status) when considering a law firm opportunity and whether they can reasonably expect to get a commitment from law firms regarding such progression prospects. In truth, it is almost impossible for a firm to predict the […]  >read more

Attorney Career Resources:: 5 Things Attorneys Don’t Want You to Know – Why There Are Fewer Law Firm Jobs

  Summary: Why are there really fewer law firm jobs out there? While the declining legal market, the recession, and increased law school enrollment have all been blamed, what is the real reason fewer law firm jobs are available? These […]

August 15, 2014 read more
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Real Estate Associate

Our client is a north Dallas law firm who seeks a Real Estate Development Associate.  The ideal candidate will have 2-4 years law firm experience concentrated in representing real estate developers in the acquisition, construction, management and sale of all types of real estate property. ...

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Louisiana Supreme Court Settles With DOJ on Bar Candidates with Disabilities

August 20 ,2014