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The Ins and Outs of Bankruptcy Law
The Ins and Outs of Bankruptcy Law
Videos Show Incredible Views of Ships
Videos Show Incredible Views of Ships
White House Intruder Made it Halfway Through First Floor
White House Intruder Made it Halfway Through First Floor
Grooveshark’s Days May be Numbered
Grooveshark’s Days May be Numbered

Law Firm News

Mayer Brown Takes on ERISA Lawyer of the Year

  Summary: Mayer Brown welcomes veteran litigant Nancy Ross as partner on their ERISA branch in Chicago. An outfit like Mayer Brown, with its global reach and dominance in the legal sector, carefully selects the partners it brings on board,… >read more

No Comment September 29, 2014

Legal News

Class Action Lawsuits Against Chicago-Area Law Schools Dismissed

Summary: A panel of three judges has dismissed the class action lawsuits filed against Chicago-area law schools claiming misrepresentation of employment statistics.  Consumer fraud class actions filed against Chicago-Kent College of Law, DePaul University College of Law and the John Marshall… >read more

No Comment September 30, 2014
Crash Involving Tracy Morgan Takes Ugly Turn in Court Filing

  Summary: In an ugly turn of events, Wal-Mart is placing some of the blame on the victims of the truck-limo crash that killed one and severely injured Tracy Morgan.  Tracy Morgan and the other passengers in the limousine that was… >read more

No Comment September 30, 2014

Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO

Top 8 Things You Must Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Harrison Barnes | DATED: 09-29-2014

Everyone experiences ups and downs in their lives. Every problem and struggle you go through in your life is an opportunity to improve, to become stronger and to help others (and yourself). Use the problems you experience as a vehicle to grow and become a better person.

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From Global to Local: Debevoise & Plimpton Changes Asia Approach

Summary: In a rather smart move, New York-based global law firm Debevoise & Plimpton turns its Hong Kong outpost into a local law firm after beefing it up over the last year. The change will come into effect from October 2014. Debevoise’s presence in Hong Kong over the last two decades was as a foreign law firm.

Expert Witness Fees Touch the Sky with Litigation Becoming More Complex

Summary: Expert witnesses are earning more than ever with litigation becoming increasingly complex. With courts demanding that expert witnesses support their conclusions with greater evidence and analysis, qualified experts see a 15% year-on-year rise in assignments and a 3.2% increase in hourly rates. Highest hourly earners like physicians devote only 18% of their time to such work; however, many reported annualized earnings of over $1 million solely from expert witness assignments. According to the ExpertPages 2014 Survey, demand and hourly rates for expert witnesses has reached a 16-year high.

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Empower Yourself with the Stories of Others

Date: 18-September-2014

When you are working a given job, there are a set of expectations, a career line, a trajectory, that you don’t much have to think of, so much as follow, obey, and accept. What is expected of you at any job is usually made manifest, first, by the orders of your boss, and secondarily by […]  >read more

How to Master Your Situation When Laid Off

Date: 11-September-2014

  The ancient Greeks believed there were at least two classes of people: masters and slaves. Biologically, we no longer believe in this; as Americans we believe all men are created equal. We believe that everybody starts out politically free, that there are no slaves. Nevertheless, we can still agree with the Greeks that we […]  >read more


What Credentials Do the Top Law Firms Consider in Evaluating a Lateral Partner Candidate

Date: 18-September-2014

As noted in my previous article, when top law firms are conducting initial evaluations of associate candidates they primarily focus on certain “tangible” credentials that can be easily determined at the time of the candidate’s application.   These credentials include the prestige of the candidate’s law school, their grades and class rank, the prestige of their […]  >read more

Attorney Career Resources:: The Ins and Outs of Bankruptcy Law

Summary: What’s it really like to be a bankruptcy attorney? What skills will you need to be successful? What type of office will you practice in? Read below for the answers to these questions and more. If you find this […]

September 30, 2014 read more
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REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY with minimum 5 years experience
USA-MO-Saint Louis

REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY Well established real estate investment company, located in St. Louis, Missouri, seeks in-house attorney with minimum 5 years experience in purchase/sale agreements, negotiations, leases, contracts, closings, tax appeals, oversight and management of litigation, etc.  Mus...

Daily Legal News:

Missouri’s Armstrong Teasdale Opening Denver Office

September 30 ,2014