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FisherBroyles Adds Three Partners in New York
FisherBroyles Adds Three Partners in New York
Drexel University Law School Named after Donor Thomas R. Kline
Drexel University Law School Named after Donor Thomas R. Kline
What Does the Term “Legal Tech” Really Mean?
What Does the Term “Legal Tech” Really Mean?
Netropolitan Offers “Elite” Social Network for $9,000
Netropolitan Offers “Elite” Social Network for $9,000

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FisherBroyles Adds Three Partners in New York

Summary: FisherBroyles the law firm structured on their innovative Law Firm 2.0 model mixing virtual workspaces and brick-and-mortar presence, announced the addition of three new partners. FisherBroyles announced on Wednesday the addition of former Viacom executive Joseph M. Saburn, energy… >read more

No Comment September 18, 2014

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Copy and Paste Leads to Inclusion of Incorrect Law in Court Opinion

Summary: A law professor has noticed that the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has copied and pasted an incorrect passage of law for inclusion in over twelve of its unpublished opinions. A California law professor has busted the Second… >read more

No Comment September 17, 2014
Renowned Lobbyist and Attorney Thomas Boggs Dies at 73

Summary: Thomas Boggs, a well-known attorney and lobbyist in the Washington, D.C. community, has passed away at 73 of an apparent heart attack. Thomas Hale Boggs Jr. died at his home in Chevy Chase, Maryland on Monday, reports. The… >read more

No Comment September 16, 2014

Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO

External Sources and False Conflict

Harrison Barnes | DATED: 09-18-2014

There is always a third party of some kind at the root of the conflicts in your life. Conflicts with others are an inevitable part of your life and career. When you analyze the conflicts in your life, you will often find that they are unjustified and created by others rather than by your own internal issues. When you identify a conflict in your life, determine whether the source is internal or external to you; once you identify the source, you will be able to quickly resolve these conflicts and remove impediments to your own career.

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Good News! Industry Report Finds Why Clients are Happier with Particular Law Firms

Summary: BTI Consulting's new research shows law firms and corporate have considerably improved their relations over the last three years. Corporate counsel have become better in laying down their expectations to law firms, and law firms are responding better to fulfill those. Firms able to adopt better working arrangements are experiencing 6%-11% higher growth than other law firms. Corporate counsel are referring their primary law firms to others at a higher rate than seen in the last three years.

Legal Industry Report Marks Four Themes Affecting Law Firm Pricing

<strong>Summary</strong>: <em>The recent 2014 Real Rate Report published by Datacert | TyMetrix mark four emerging themes that affect law firm pricing. The report is created analyzing real invoice data and not by a survey. The publishers analyzed more than $16 billion worth of actual law firm invoices to arrive at their conclusions.</em>

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How to Master Your Situation When Laid Off

Date: 11-September-2014

  The ancient Greeks believed there were at least two classes of people: masters and slaves. Biologically, we no longer believe in this; as Americans we believe all men are created equal. We believe that everybody starts out politically free, that there are no slaves. Nevertheless, we can still agree with the Greeks that we […]  >read more

Warner Bros. Announces Layoffs

Date: 09-September-2014

Summary: Warner Bros. announces that layoffs are eminent. While it is unclear so far how steep the cuts will be, Warner Bros. Entertainment chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara announced to his employees that they will be coming. In a memo last Thursday he wrote: [Being the industry’s leader] will require us to reduce costs and […]  >read more


How Pro Bono Can Help Your Job Search

Date: 16-September-2014

If you plan on making a lateral move at some point in your legal career, and chances are you will make at least one or two, you are going to want to maximize your potential opportunities by gaining the type of experience firms consider valuable in a lateral candidate.  One issue we see a lot […]  >read more

Attorney Career Resources:: Having a Law Degree May Help You Land a Government Job

Summary: Many law school graduates seek government positions with their state, federal, or local governments. Having a law degree is an advantage for these positions, even if the position itself does not require a law degree. Legal education and experience […]

September 15, 2014 read more
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Real Estate Paralegal
USA-NY-New York City

Our client, a top New York based law firm, is looking to hire an experienced Real Estate Paralegal for their New York City office. Responsibilities may include: -Coordinating due diligence for a variety of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including: acquisitions and dispositio...

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Oklahoma City Attorney Who Stole from Orphans Dies before Sentencing

September 17 ,2014