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4 Reasons You Should Eat within an Hour of Waking
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Summary: Find out why eating soon after you wake up is so important for your body.

Many people I’ve spoken with either wait until they’re at work to eat breakfast, or just skip the meal altogether. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do we really believe it? Here are some great reasons why you should eat within an hour of waking up, rather than waiting it out until later in the day.



  1. You’re regulating your blood-sugar levels. By eating first thing in the morning, you are regulating your blood-sugar levels and your insulin. You’re giving your body the energy it needs to make it through the day.
  1. Eating kick starts your metabolism. Overnight your body is fasting and your metabolism slows down so it doesn’t unnecessarily burn fuel. By eating, your body starts digesting food, which also starts up your metabolism.
  1. You’re more likely to make healthy food choices throughout the day. If you don’t eat first thing, your body is going to be craving energy later on, leaving you to grab the first thing that will give you a quick fix, which more than likely includes empty carbs and sugar.
  1. You improve your cognition and even your mood. Studies have shown that by eating first thing in the morning you’re fueling up your brain, which leads to not only a good mood, but more mental clarity and function as well.


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