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5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Productivity
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Summary: Follow these five tips to be more productive at work.


  1. Schedule your days in advance. Knowing when you plan to relax and workout, versus when you plan to get certain tasks done, makes all the difference when it comes to procrastination and distractions. Have something you’re avoiding? Schedule time in your day to get it done.
  1. Exercise. Working out boosts your energy, your mood, and your ability to focus. If you’re able to workout first thing in the morning, or take a break from work, you’ll come back more refreshed and ready to work.
  1. ‘Chunk’ your work. Do your work in smaller chunks of time, with short breaks in between. Fill these with mindless, fun things, like taking a walk or watching a couple funny YouTube videos. This will give your mind some time to relax so you’re ready to get back at it.
  1. Learn to say ‘No.’ Often we feel obligated to help people out with things, such as joining a committee or board, when we really just don’t have the time. Learn how to say no to these extras and you’ll find yourself with more time to focus on not only your tasks, but the all-important ‘me-time’ as well.
  1. Appreciate the little things. Often we get so caught up in our work that we forget about the small joys in life, and the whole reason we’re working in the first place. Stop and take some time to appreciate the little things and you’ll be able to head back to work reinvigorated.



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