Man’s Best Friend…with Benefits?

Summary: A Michigan man was arrested and may serve up to fifteen years for having sex with his pit bull on two occasions.

Gawker reports Kurtis Peterson is facing fifteen years in the big house for getting a little too friendly with his pit bull. The 37-year-old Michigan resident was busted having sex with the poor dog on two separate occasions.

Joyce Yeaw will likely never forget the day in April 2010 she tried to return some borrowed keys to Peterson’s roommate. Once she arrived, she saw Peterson having sex with his pit bull on his bed. Understandably horrified, Yeaw called the cops, but Peterson convinced the officers that he was “just hugging his dog” and he escaped arrest. Two months later, Yeaw again entered the residence, and saw Peterson having sex with the pit bull a second time—on the living room floor. Yeaw called the cops again, and this time, he was arrested.

Yeaw said, “He was having sex with the dog, it was disgusting.”

Peterson said in court that he was “sexually aroused from accidental contact with the animal’s rear,” but insisted that happened as he was “just playing with the dog.”

Judge Timothy Hicks sentenced Peterson to one to fifteen years in prison, which is in excess of the state sentencing guidelines. Judge Hicks feared that Peterson may strike again, commenting, “I fear for what he might do in the community.”

This isn’t the first time Peterson has been in trouble for sex-related crimes. In 1996, he was convicted of fourth-degree sexual conduct.

If this story sounds sickeningly familiar, you may recall that JDJournal covered a story almost two years ago about a woman who was caught having sex with her dog. Kara Vandereyk did not seek the privacy of a bedroom, however—she was caught naked in her front yard having sex with her pit bull. It was believed that mental illness and drugs played a major part in her behavior.

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