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Don’t Sell Your Games at Gamestop
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Everybody knows not to sell their video games at Gamestop, so this comic is all-too fitting on what it’s like to give your vintage high-quality games to the store. Better to sell your games on Ebay or even over Craigslist, or perhaps, where Mario Kart for the 64, to take one example, is going for $35 used. Gamestop won’t give you nearly that much for your game.

When you’ve played out your games, and you have the bright idea that you could trade them in for the latest and greatest video game, think again: that’s how Gamestop is going to screw you over. They know you want the latest hottest video game, and they know you probably can’t afford to buy every video game that your heart desires. That is why Gamestop is a lot like a drug dealer who is willing to collect favors or collateral for your latest fix.


Don’t give your games to Gamestop; you could do better even selling them to a friend; and you can make much more by pumping up the price on Ebay or negotiating on Craigslist. Don’t go for the quick fix: take the time to work out your sale on your own: it will require more work, but it will be worth it.


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