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Award Winning Professor’s Insane and Murderous Dark Past Comes to Light
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A downstate Illinois university is supporting one of its award-winning professors after his dark past was revealed. A Texas newspaper recently revealed that James St. James of Millikin University killed his whole family 40 years ago as a teenager in a small Texas town.

The 61 year old academic is currently the chairman of Millikin University’s psychology department. His standing as an upright individual and chair at a known university shows that his efforts to rebuild his life after such trauma that occurred during his youth have been successful. His violent past as Jim Wolcott, the mentally ill teenager who murdered his parents and sister was dug up by a reporter form the Georgetown Advocate. From his home in central Illinois professor St. James told the Sun-Times, “the university has issued a statement and that will, that will have to do.”


Many people have called for his resignation, including Millikin University’s hometown of Decatur, according to the Huffington Post. However, after being found not-guilt of his crimes by reason of insanity, professor St. James was hospitalized until he became well, and went on to receive multiple degrees in psychology, according to the Huffington Post. The university professor is supported by many who have known him in the past three decades.


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