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Lindsay Lohan Removes All Booze from Her Presence
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Lindsay Lohan is going cold turkey off the booze, and ordered that every hotel and venue she stays at remove the alcohol from her room, suite, or dressing room before she arrives. The sense of aversion for something that is in act oh-so-tempting is a characteristic step for recovering alcoholics, and if she can maintain, she will have proven Dave Letterman prophetic when he called her rehab a “career saver” for the troubled starlet.

TMZ reports that she will be traveling with a sober coach for a week while she tries to keep her sobriety. She called ahead to the hotels she’s staying at asking staff to remove alcohol from her room, and did the same for her dressing room for her interview with Chelsea.


Meanwhile, Oprah is touting her “exclusive” interview with Lohan, which will air on August 18 on OWN, and in which previews show Oprah asking such kind questions as “Are you an addict?” and “What does it feel like to be both an adjective and a verb for child-star-gone-wrong?” The previews don’t show Lohan’s reactions, but she probably felt more comfortable on Chandler’s late night show “Chelsea Lately,” where the format was less confessional, soul-searching, and accusatory, and more light-hearted, witty, and fun. Chelsea’s interview was also more relaxed than the show she had with David Letterman in which the host mocked Lohan.


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