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Casey Anthony Avoids Selling Rights to Her Life Story to Pay Creditors
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This week Casey Anthony agreed to settle a dispute regarding the rights to her life story. If her life story as an intellectual work for sale would have been conceived as an asset that could be sold, creditors would have possibly had some claim on it.  However, as her lawyers claimed that her story “exists solely within [Anthony’s] mind,” and that its forced sale would be an “invasion” of her “private thoughts and first amendment rights,” according to the Sun Sentinel.

In January Casey Anthony filed for bankruptcy “listing more than $792,000 in debt.” She has been living in hiding and has only been able to survive because of charity. Her friends and family as well as lawyers have helped her to eat and live, after the high profile trial in which she had been found not guilty of all major charges in the death of her two year old daughter Caylee. She currently remains unemployed. Speculators consider that her story may be her only asset.


Anthony has agreed to pay $25,000 and settle the dispute regarding the rights to her story and whether or not they would be sold as an asset in her chapter 7 bankruptcy. This past Wednesday the settlement was approved by U.S. bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May.


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