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Royal Baby Name Announced: His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis
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The wait is over. Kate Middleton and Prince William have named their baby and announced it to the world. Their newborn son’s name is George Alexander Louis. Welcome, HRH Prince George of Cambridge. Two days after the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth the royal news was announced.

Fans and speculators had gone to bookies to place bets on what possible name the couple would choose. People have also bet on things from Kate Middleton’s due date to the baby’s first words. Right now “papa” is leading for the baby’s first word. Bookies have accepted tens of thousands of dollars in bets. The names George, James, Alexander, Louis, Arthur, Philip, Henry, and Albert were leading choices. All the individuals who thought Alexander or Louis would be the name, may get a consolation that their choice was at least in the newborn’s name somewhere.


Experts on the sacredness of baby naming tell the Huffington Post that George was the obvious and expected choice. “There have been many more King Georges in recent centuries than any other name.” Nameberry founder, Pamela Redmond Satran, commented that the British royalty has a tradition of having four names, yet this baby only had three names. While Mrs. Satran notes that this is an uncharacteristically royal break with naming tradition, Kate Middleton seems every bit a modern person, and it seems that she chose a traditional name while reserving the right to have only three names for her baby. This seems a perfect compromise between traditions old and new. God save the Queen.


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