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Lindsay Loses Adderall, Seeks Obscurity
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Lindsay Lohan has dutifully endured rehab, faced with the alternative of jail, and seems for the time being to have gained some insight into herself. It helps perhaps that they’ve taken her off Adderall, a medication her docs dispute she ever needed, and which she had claimed, up till now, was to treat her early onset ADHD. Adderall is a favorite drug for young actresses to abuse: it helps control weight and is addictive. Well she’s finally agreed to drop the crutch, after the Betty Ford clinic demanded she quit, and she seems to be doing just fine off it, as TMZ reported.

What’s more, Lilo has realized that hanging out in these big cities has been tempting her too much, with the friends and parties and persuasion to drink and become intoxicated, not to mention the streets prowling with paparazzi looking to humiliate her with compromising photography to make a quick buck. And so she thinks she will escape, after her rehab ends in early August, to some secluded city in the U.S. where she can just be alone and not tempted and harassed. She isn’t sure where this will be, but some oblique out of the way city is her current prospective goal once she finishes the 12 steps of rehab.


Image Credit: TMZ


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