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Adele Yells at a Sulky Chris Brown
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It’s been a tough patch for Chris Brown, lately. Last month he was investigated by police for a brawl that came to blows with his rival Frank Ocean; earlier this week an investigation was opened to pursue allegations that he falsified the number of community service hours he had performed for his conviction of assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009; the day before the Grammy’s he crashed his Porsche as he attempted to evade paparazzi; and at the Grammy, his rival Ocean won a Grammy for his urban contemporary album. To wrap it up, when he refused to give a standing ovation with everybody else for Frank Ocean’s success, sulking in his chair, Adele approached him and gave him a verbal lashing for being a poor loser.

Her words were not recorded, but their effect on Brown must have been profound as he looked visibly shaken.

Her actions have won applause from many commentators. “Respect to Adele for doing what the Grammy producers refused to do by nominating Brown and putting him in that front-row seat,” wrote Amanda Dobbins on the Vulture Website.


It is indeed heartwarming for Adele to have confronted her peer on his sulky demeanor and upbraided his immature behavior. She, meanwhile, won her ninth Grammy for “Set Fire to the Rain.”

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  1. Rachell

    February 12, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Who does Adele thinks she is? If they are rivals, why the hell are you speaking on anything that has to do with them ? Especially if the rivalry has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. That’s like the devil winning an award and since the Christians don’t wanna stand up, they are sore losers. Obviously he has no respect for Frank Ocean, so he doesn’t have to acknowledge a damn thing. I’m sure Frank Ocean would feel the same way if things were vice versa. It’s not like Chris Brown was talking shit and she overheard. He simply didn’t stand up, big deal.

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