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Father of 30 Children Asks for Break in Child Support Payments
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A man from Tennessee, who has 30 children and is only 33-years-old, has asked the court to grant child-support help from the state for him. The man in question is Desmond Hatchett, who has fathered 30 children with 11 women in what seems to be the record in Knox county, Tennessee. Hatchett’s oldest children are 14 and his youngest children are toddlers.

Hatchett, when in court, asked if he could be given a break from paying his child support because he is having trouble surviving on his pay from his minimum wage job. According to reports, Hatchett is required by the state to divide 50 percent of what he earns between the 11 women. Some of those women receive only $1.49 in child support per month from Hatchett.

In 2009, Hatchett revealed in an interview that he fathered four kids twice in one year. “I had four kids in the same year. Twice,” Hatchett said. Hatchett also told reporters in another interview in 2009 that he was finished with having children, of which he had 21 when he was interviewed. Hatchett is not the only father in the country to have multiple children with multiple women in large numbers. Antonio Cromartie, only 28, has fathered 10 children with eight women over the span of six states. Cromartie is a player in the NFL.



  1. yellowbird4210

    May 21, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    It’s a shame when you fail to have these many children and can’t take care of them because you are so “SORRY”, dumb, and stupid. Medium wage job
    and you can’t count 1+1+1 to your “D…A?? equal to
    zero. Medium wage job you can’t afford “NO BABIES!
    Do you hear me!(NONE)ZERO. Judge order this man Go to the County Hospital and get a vasectomy. Judge you are a little too slow yourself, in ordering this man to go to get it done. Then order him to find 2 more jobs. We tax payers are sick & tired of the this retarded system which forces us to pay for other people children those born here and others than over here illegally.

    China is about the only country that I know of who
    makes good sound sense in controlling their population, and making the adults accountable of the children they father and bring into the world.

    It’s all about accountability.

  2. shane gerzon

    May 24, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    If you think it’s expensive feeding these 30 kids on state money, how about the expected costs of putting 10-15 of them in prison and caring for the 100-300 offspring they will be having in the next 30 years.

    Welfare and reproduction laws must change.


  3. George McCasland

    May 26, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Man With 30 Kids Needs Help With Child Support
    I’ve been seeing this report over the last 4 days, and everyone is assuming there must be something wrong with this Desmond Hatchett to have so many kids that he cannot support. However, how do we know he has 30 kids? These stories are beginning to sound like racist rhetoric to make black men look bad. Where is the proof that he fathered all these children? Where are the paternity tests?

    A man in his situation could not afford the cost of doing the paternity test, which he would have been required to pay for even when they come back negative, which they do 33% of the time. Worse, he likely did even attended any of the hearings, thinking they didn’t care about his rights. It is just as possible that he is not the father of any of them. The same applies to the man serving time in Michigan for not paying $400,000 in child support.

    For 23 years I have volunteered my time working with divorced and single fathers, and know just how unlikely it is that at least some of the children are not his. The media needs to be demanding proof of it and not just spreading racist rumors.

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