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Scientists Write Open Letter in WSJ Against Global Warming Believers
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16 scientists, among them famed aerospace engineer and designer Burt Rutan, have written an open letter in the Wall Street Journal saying that the dangers of global warming are exaggerated.

The letter starts off with them saying that a candidate for public office should be wary of promising to do something to reduce global warming. The letter also points out the fact that President Obama’s supporter and Nobel Prize winning physicist Ivar Giaever, has publicly resigned from the American Physical Society because the society’s policy statement says that global warming is an indisputable fact.

The letter goes on to point out a couple of scientific facts to strengthen its case and says that the reason so few speak up against the case for global warming is because for young scientists to deny global warming it means not getting promotions and grants. The letter basically calls the entire concept of global warming a money making scam by universities and research institutes and a power grab by big government and well-connected elites.


The scientists end the letter saying that they urge all potential public officials not to undertake any efforts to “decarbonize” the world’s economy.


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