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I’m Molting, I’m Molting!
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First and foremost, does anyone see what’s so special about these apples?? They’re “mollie’s”!!! Lol okay, spelled differently than my brother’s puppy, Molly, but I thought it was cute. One stand at the farmers market had around 20 different apple varieties to mix and match from, and I picked out five different kinds! Didn’t keep track of which was which though… thought of that as I was paying. Win. 
For lunch yesterday, I made another egg salad, inspired by Kath Eats Real Food. So delicious!!!! I will really never get over this simple phenomenon. 

Another food inspiration yesterday was Chocolate Covered Katie’s Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal! I only wanted it as a snack, so I split the recipe in half and came out with a delicious oatmeal “cinnamon roll!”
Bake time was 15 minutes, with the extra 3 minutes on broil, and I added a bit of brown sugar on top like she suggests! 
I only wish I remembered to spray my ramekin first, so I could pop it out! It had a delicious creamy, cinnamon taste. Perfect for my sweet tooth! Haha I feel like I’ve become an advertising blog for CCK, but she has so many recipes that I want to try! 
Yesterday was not quite a sweet, however, for my hermit crabs… I’ve only had them a week and they haven’t been moving around much. I was getting concerned. Yesterday morning when I checked on them, one looked like he was out of his shell! I picked him up to see if he was dead, and guess what I found!??

A dead hermit crab?? NO! Don’t be alarmed! It’s just his exoskeleton! Hermit crabs, and other crustaceous creatures, molt every once in a while. Rather than having a skeleton on the inside, like we do, the have their skeleton on the outside, for added protection. Well this little guy was growing out of his skeleton, so he shed his old one and now has a much softer one which is developing.


Unfortunately, right after I took this picture, I read online that you shouldn’t touch the exoskeleton or the crab and leave him alone because it’s a very stressful time… Oops. I immediately put it back where I found it and left him be! When I checked on him this morning he had moved, so I know I didn’t kill him by stressing him out! It was somewhat traumatizing. 
Speaking of my hermit crabs, I STILL haven’t named them! Granted, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with school, but I really need to get on this! I want to stick with the Harry Potter theme (my fish is named Neville) and I got a wonderful suggestion of “Crabbe” and “Goyle”. Although I like this, I feel a bit odd naming them after two lumbering idiots. Haha. So if anyone has any other Harry Potter “pair” suggestions – send them my way! And yes, I’ve thought of Fred and George. 
Have you ever had an interesting or somewhat “unconventional” pet? How do you come up with pet names?


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