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Pumpkins, Apples and Football, Oh My!
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Technically it’s not fall until September 23rd, but it’s the first day of September and it’s time to start embracing the fall, and all that comes with it! Growing up, fall has always been my favorite season: I love the weather, the color of the leaves as they change, the seasonal vegetables, football games, school starting back again, and the anticipation of the Holiday seasons. Oh, and my birthday. And candy corn. Loooove candy corn.

This year, however, I’m feeling a little more anxious about the fall than usual. Last year was my first Chicago winter, and it went fine… until about February. Why, you ask? Because it didn’t end. It NEVER ENDED. We literally had winter-like weather well into May. Just ask my friend from South Carolina who visited after finals in mid-May. It was freaking cold. 

I didn’t take the cold weather and lack of sunshine very well, so I’m nervous about going through that again this year. I’ve been assured that last year was particularly bad, but I’m rather skeptical. However, it is my goal to appreciate all things fall and try and not let the winter get to me! Also, if any of you are from norther areas and have suggestions for how to survive the winter, please send them my way!!! I appreciate all suggestions! 
In celebration of a new month, I’ve decided to come up with 3 goals for the month of September. I actually got this idea from Clean Eating Chelsea’s blog post this morning. She has been keeping goals for each month and came up with the number 3 because she felt it was most manageable, and I agree. Here are my three goals for September:
1. Always be prepared for class. This sounds rather simple, but anyone who’s been in law school is probably laughing at me right now. It’s not easy, they give us a ton of reading, and it’s not exactly an “easy read”! However, not having finished the reading when I walk into class gives me serious anxiety. I not only feel better in class when I’ve done all the reading, but I learn more! 
2. Run at least 12 miles a week. With my 10K coming up and then my 10 mile run in November, I need to start increasing my mileage! Right now I’m averaging about 10-12 miles a week, but I need to step it up a bit if I want to be able to complete these races, and with good times!

3. Resist Calorie Counting. I’ve said several times throughout this blog that I was inspired by Tina on Carrots N Cake to ditch my calorie-counting ways this summer. However, I have to admit that coming back to school has gotten me counting again. Not totaling for the entire day, but I’m definitely adding up numbers on my phone throughout the day. I think it’s a control issue – so I’m hoping that Goal #1 will help make me feel less out of control. I need to focus on nutrients, not calories!

This morning I went to the grocery store and saw that they had fresh figs! I love them dried but never had a fresh fig, so I decided to give them a try! When I got home, I saw that one had been squished in transport! Clearly I needed to eat it, and it was SO GOOD! Go out and buy figs now! It was sweet and absolutely delicious!


After the fig, I also had some cottage cheese with chopped up apple and cinnamon for breakfast. (I’d had some cereal early that morning when I woke up).

Right before I left for class though I was already hungry again! Clearly this wasn’t a very filling breakfast. So I grabbed one of the plums I had bought and made myself some Homemade Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt, and then headed out the door for class! 
I added a plum in the picture to show you all, they have a type of plum at TJs right now called a Dapple Dandy Pluot. So I guess it’s not a plum? I’ll have to look into this… 
What are you goals for this month? What are you excited about for Fall?


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