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Intervals and More Yogurtini!
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Today I had 3 miles on my training schedule, so I headed to the gym and warmed up with 10 min on the elliptical. For my 3 miles I decided to do intervals and made it up as I went, here’s what I did:
Time Speed
0-1 min 6.0
1-4 min 6.5
4-5 min 7.0
5-6 min 8.0
6-7 min 7.0
7-8 min 8.0
8-9 min 7.0
9-10 min 8.0
10-11 min 7.5
11-12 min 9.0
*I then switched back and forth between 7.5 and 9.0, one min on each until…
20-22 6.0 (hit 3 miles around 22-24 min… I’m having a hard time recalling this)
22-28 7.0 (hit 3.5 miles at 28 minutes)
28-30 4.0
30-32 3.8 Total: 3.75 miles
I ended up deciding to run 3.5 miles instead of 3 because once I hit 3 I was feeling fine and only wanted to stop because my mind was getting bored. Does anyone else have this problem? My biggest issue with running long distances is that I get bored!
Afterwards I stretched out and then decided to do a little bit of weights since I was in the mood:
I did the following reps going from one to the next and did the whole round 3 times through:
10 bicep curls (15lbs in each hand)
15 shoulder presses (10lbs in each hand)
10 high dumbbell rows (15lbs in each hand)
10 tricep extensions (held a 15lb dumbbell with both hands)
In between each of the three rounds I did 50 crunches, but different types. Gotta mix it up!
When I was done working out, I headed home and showered. I put on this dress for meeting my friend later and then dinner with my grandparents:
However, I then covered it up so I could be comfy! If only I could dress like this all the time…
I also found these AWESOME socks in my drawer! Don’t you love going home and finding weird clothes you forgot you had? I do…
For lunch I had the same salad I’ve been having everyday, spinach with mushrooms, red onions and kidney beans with Balsamic Vinegar for dressing. I also had half a piece of rye bread aaaaand munched on a small bowl of dry Captain Crunch. Can’t get enough.

After lunch, and a little bit of blog work, I met my friend Helen at Yogurtini! If you remember, I went there… oh, when was that? Last night. Haha it was so good I had to go back! Once again, I forgot to snap a pic, but this time I tried their chocolate and it was delicious! I layered it with peanut butter chips and pieces of thin mint cookies. I took my friend Benny’s advice and got a bit of ice cream, then layered some topping, then got more ice cream, and then more topping. Definitely made it easier to mix around and way more fun!

Now it’s off to dinner with my family and my grandparents!



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