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Death March of the Instant Jello
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I have a problem. I call it – new food obsession. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had fallen in love with adding a spoonful of Sugar-Free Instant Jello Pudding Mix to my greek yogurt to make a delicious and protein-filled dessert. However, I’ve been eating it about twice a day and with all the chemicals and artificial sweeteners (aspartame) in the mix, it hasn’t been doing wonders for my digestive system. Let’s just say yesterday was the last straw and this morning, with a clear mind, I had to tell the Jello good-bye:

Death March (chocolate, banana creme and butterscotch… )
Falling into the trash…
Goodbye! I will miss you!
Haha, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I’m sure this snack would be fine every once and a while (for those of you who can do such things), but this was just a step I had to take! I do, however, have a DELICIOUS dessert alternative for you later today (if I get a chance to make it) that is so easy and has nothing artificial! Get excited!!!
For breakfast this morning I made some oats with half a banana and a little PB2 powder, and then some scrambled egg whites on the side for added protein.

I then headed off to Core Power Yoga for Power Sculpt, which mixes yoga with weights and has upbeat music! I went to this class last week and it was somewhat traumatic; I wasn’t expecting to get so sweaty! But this week I was more prepared with a big towel to put on my mat, some coconut water, and quick-dry clothing! (No white t-shirts!).
When I first went to this power sculpt class I left feeling very dehydrated and in need of a sports drink. However, I HATE the taste of sports drinks! I had heard a lot of people talking about coconut water so I decided to give it a try. I got some flavored Vita Coco and I’ve been drinking a little of that after my hot yoga classes.
Ironically, I came across an article this week in the New York Times by Anahad O’Conner about coconut water and whether it is really better for hydration. In his research, he found that Vita Coco and O.N.E. Coconut water, which are two of the most popular brands, contained less sodium and magnesium than advertised, while Zico did contain the same amount of sodium.
However, even Zico did not contain as much sodium as many sports drinks. The article did conclude, however, that coconut water is just as hydrating as a sports drink, just not necessarily better. So if you are like me and prefer coconut water over sports drinks, then keep it up! Just remember to make sure the brand you’ve chosen has plenty of sodium!
Does anyone else have to get rid of certain foods in their house? I also can’t keep crackers! I eat them like crazy!



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