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Rain, Rain, Go Away
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Guess who got caught in the rain TWICE today?
That would be me. Winning.
For dinner I decided to try and use up some of the veggies that have been sitting in my fridge. So I steamed some kale, and then on top added a mixture (which I also steamed… aka microwaved) of mushrooms, shredded carrots and red onions mixed with 1tbl cumin and 2 tbl dijon mustard. Delicious mix and easy to make when you’re hungry and ready to eat!
And since I didn’t have any protein in my meal, I decided it was more than necessary to top it off with another bit of greek yogurt with a spoonful of instant sugar free pudding mix. Tonight I tried out banana creme. Chocolate has still been my favorite. I feel like I’m eating this stuff obsessively, but it’s so good! Does anyone else get food obsessions? I do this a lot: discover something new, eat it all the time, and then get bored of it after a few weeks.
So this afternoon I went over to a friend’s apartment south of the loop (AWESOME balcony view, especially when the rain started, the wind up there was so random that it was blowing rain upward! Very cool). Anyway, we were going to watch a movie and he came across one called Problem Child.

Anyone ever heard of it? I sure hadn’t… and he was shocked. Apparently this was one of those movies that was always on TV and he’d seen a million times. I definitely had a few of those (my favorite being Where the Heart Is) but I’d never heard of this movie! Well, needless to say it was pretty cute, funny and definitely surprised me in the end. And I love movies from other decades; this one was made in 1990 and the clothing really showed it. LOVE the 90s!
What are you favorite childhood TV movies you’ve seen a million times?


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