Lawyers Find Delayed Mercy in Qualcomm Discovery Scandal Ruling
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Two years after sanctions destroyed Day Casebeer Madrid & Batchelder in the Qualcomm discovery scandal, Judge Barbara Major finally heard the other side of the story.  In the original ruling, Judge Major cited the attorneys for being a part of Qualcomm’s failure to turn over thousands of documents in their patent battle with Broadcom.  She issued sanctions against James Batchelder, Adam Bier, Kevin Leung, Christian Mammen and Lee Patch, all of  the ill-fated firm.  According to law.com the April 2nd, 2010 order states, “the evidence presented during these remand proceedings has established that while significant errors were made by some of the responding attorneys, there is insufficient evidence to prove that any of the responding attorneys engaged in the requisite ‘bad faith’ or that [attorney Kevin] Leung failed to make reasonable inquiry before certifying Qualcomm’s discovery responses.”

While it is too late to save the firm or possibly some of the careers that were devastated over this case, justice is better late than never.



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