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Employment Lawsuit Has Lady Gaga Crying Foul
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Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, has been hit with a lawsuit by her former boyfriend and business associate Rob Fusari.  He alleges that he was Germanotta’s mentor and that he has a 20% stake in a company called Team Love Child LLC.  In his lawsuit against the 23 year old Germanotta, filed in New York last week,  Fusari is asking for $30.5 million in compensation for his role in creating “Lady Gaga.”  Germanotta’s lawyers contend that Fusari is not a licensed  employment agent and therefore ineligible to receive compensation for work to that end.  Needless to say, employment law in New York is not something to be attacked lightly.

Lady Gaga is a recording artist whose debut album hit the charts in 2008.  She has sold over 10 million albums and more than 35 million singles.  Her major musical influences are Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Michael Jackson and David Bowie.  Lady Gaga is also well known for her outrageous fashion.



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