Chadbourne & Parke Does Right by its Associates
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If you’re a Chadbourne & Parke associate, we urge you to resist the temptation to gloat a little when talking to friends at other firms today. If you’re friends with a Chadbourne associate, we recommend you change your lunch plans.

Starting from the small stuff and working our way up to the good stuff, Chadbourne & Parke is paying a bonus on what appears to be the Cravath scale. But wait, that’s not all! In November the firm indicated that they would be giving associates back the money they lost from April’s salary cutssometime in January. Well that sometime has come and on top of their bonus check all associates in good standing will be paid the difference between their salaries post cut and what they would have made under the old salary. Still not impressed? The pay cut has been rescinded. Salaries have been thawed out. Not good enough? Still want more? All associates are getting a double bump in level, being restored to the pay grade and dollar amount they would have been making had the recession never hit.

Congrats, C&P associates. Try not to rub it in your friends’ faces too much.



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