Salary Thaw and Bonuses at Arnold & Porter
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At the start of 2009 Arnold & Porter announced that it was freezing salaries but held out the hope that some or all of the difference might be paid out later if economic situations warranted. At the end of December a firm wide memo went out in which Arnold & Porter announced that all associates in good standing would be receiving the full difference between their frozen salaries and the salary they would have otherwise earned in one lump payment. Furthermore, salaries have been unfrozen for 2010, with everyone getting bumped up a year. Arnold & Porter will also be paying unspecified bonuses for 2009 based on a combination of billed hours and subjective reviews.

Founded in 1946, Arnold & Porter LLP is an international law firm based in Washington DC, which is well known for its trial, corporate, and antitrust work; and for its pro bono commitments and support for progressive causes.



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