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IT Worker Addresses Customers in Robot Voice Summary: An IT employee in New York faces a 30-day suspension for answering customer service calls in a Siri-style voice. We’ve all had to deal with quirky, weird, or downright annoying coworkers, but Ronald Dillon has taken odd workplace behavior…>read more

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University of Chicago Welcomes Thomas Miles as New Dean Summary: Thomas Miles will succeed Michael Schill as the dean of the University of Chicago Law School. According to Chicago Business, the University of Chicago has selected Thomas Miles, who specializes in judicial behavior and criminal justice, as its newest…>read more

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BP to Pay $138 Million in Attorney Fees Summary: Attorney fees in the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster case have reached $138 million. According to Bloomberg, BP’s settlement with the United States government, as well as five Gulf states, has crept up to $20.8 billion over damages caused by…>read more

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Burleson LLP Lays off Five Attorneys Summary: Burleson LLP cuts five attorneys from its Southpointe office. According to the Pittsburgh Business Times, Burleson LLP, one of the fastest-growing firms in the Pittsburgh area, is laying off five attorneys at its Southpointe office due to the energy slump.…>read more

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Which Law Schools are the Most Liberal and Conservative? Summary: A recent study reveals the relationship between law schools and their alumni’s political ideologies. In August 2015, Harvard’s Kennedy School published a study, “The Political Ideologies of Lawyers.” The study was the first of its kind to examine the political ideologies of attorneys…>read more

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Supreme Court Prepares to Hear Historic Cases Summary: Justices are set to hear a number of controversial issues in the Supreme Court’s new term. Brace yourself for a cat fight. The Supreme Court’s new term started Tuesday, and things could get ugly. Snark reached new levels last…>read more

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NY District Attorney Prohibits Prosecutors from Keeping Guns Summary: A ban on keeping guns, even at home, has sparked outcry at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. According to The New York Times, a New York District Attorney’s decision to prohibit her prosecutors from keeping handguns, even in…>read more

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Over Four Thousand Legal Jobs Added in September Summary: Around 4,700 jobs were added to the legal sector in September. According to American Lawyer, the legal sector gained roughly 4,700 jobs in September, according to the latest report from the United States Department of Labor. Last month, roughly…>read more

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American Apparel Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Summary: American Apparel hopes to restructure its debts within a six month period so it may continue operations. The New York Times reports that American Apparel, a once-hip outfitter, has filed for bankruptcy protection. American Apparel’s tremendous debts, coupled with…>read more

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Suit Claims Man Fired for ‘Flatulence,’ Foul Stench Summary: A woman claims her husband suffered discrimination when he was fired for passing too much gas after he underwent gastric bypass surgery. According to, a woman has filed a lawsuit alleging her husband was unfairly terminated because of side…>read more

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