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DOJ Chief of Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section Michael DuBose joins Kroll as Managing Director, Cyber Investigations Practice Leader Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company, announced today that Michael DuBose, formerly Chief of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section at the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), has joined the firm as a Managing Director and Cyber…>read more

No Comment February 22, 2012

Code of Honor Broken? Microsoft has asked web giant Google to… “commit to honoring P3P privacy settings for users of all browsers”. Hard on the heels of reports that Google has been skirting privacy settings in Safari to track the browsing habits of iPhone…>read more

No Comment February 21, 2012

Apple Settles Class-action Lawsuit Over iPhone 4 Performance A class-action lawsuit over the poor performance of antenna used in Apple’s iPhone 4 has been settled by the company. The class-action lawsuit was the result of consolidating 18 separate lawsuits, each of which claimed that Apple was “misrepresenting and…>read more

1 Comment February 20, 2012

Did Whitney Drown In Her Bathtub? As more news continue to surface about the circumstances surrounding Whitney Houston’s death in Beverly Hilton hotel, more and more evidence seem to indicate that Whitney may have lost control and drowned in her bathtub. Close sources have reported that…>read more

1 Comment February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston Dead in Hotel Room Fans across the world mourned as the news of Whitney Houston found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel broke out.  She is reported to have partied heavily at the hotel with a close group of friends on…>read more

No Comment February 11, 2012

US Law Firms in China Enjoy Competitive Edge Because They Pay Better As expressed by Simon Wiggs from Major, Lindsey & Africa, one of the better known legal recruitment firms in Hong Kong, “When you are working until the small hours of the morning and you realize your peer who is also…>read more

No Comment February 7, 2012

Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe Keeps Associate-friendly Payment Policies Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe seems to have found that elusive balance in compensation policy that fulfills the demands of productivity, man-hours billed, and transparency, all at the same time. Many seemed skeptical when in February Orrick announced its bonus policy…>read more

No Comment February 7, 2012

Buy a Ford and you will die – claims Chevy It’s all out in the open. No hiding behind sugar-coated words any more.  Chevy’s clearly on the offensive in its latest 2012 Silverado super bowl ad where it warns you: Buy a Ford and you will die. A horrible, tragic…>read more

1 Comment February 6, 2012

Florida woman blames huge breasts for inability to clear sobriety tests Here’s the mother of all excuses to beat every other creative excuse in the book in defense of drunk driving. The cops in Jenson Beach pulled over Maureen Raymond last weekend for rash driving and crossing the double yellow lines.…>read more

No Comment February 6, 2012

UFO or Ship of Gold? Sonar Image of Anomalies at the Bottom of the Baltic. While the captain of the crew which made the discovery would like their find to be “60 meters of gold,” the finding of two huge unidentified objects at the bottom of the Baltic has made speculations run rife across the…>read more

19 Comments January 31, 2012

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