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O’Quinn Law Firm Sued by 31 Former Clients In a lawsuit filed in Federal Court, 31 former clients of the O’Quinn Law Firm made millions of dollars from its ‘silicosis litigation machine’ by deducting expenses from clients that were not unauthorized, ‘squandering’ money and not delivering settlement money…>read more

No Comment December 20, 2012

Legal Employment Brighter in the State of Alabama A recent study conduct by the Alabama State Bar said that the legal employment market for law school graduates in the state seems to be improving. The survey, which consists of 111 individuals who were admitted to the state’s bar…>read more

No Comment December 20, 2012

Fired McDonald’s Employee Settles with Franchise for Termination An employee of McDonald’s was fired for gross misconduct after she gave a coworker extra chocolate topping on a 99 cent McFlurry. The employee, Sarah Finch, sued the restaurant at an employment tribunal in the United Kingdom after he bosses…>read more

No Comment December 20, 2012

UVA Law Student Sentenced in Breaking and Entering Case On December 18, Joshua Gomes was sentenced to a three-year suspended sentence in court for breaking into Carruthers Hall at University of Virginia and installing a coat-hook camera in the registrar’s office. Gomes, 26, was also ordered to remain on…>read more

No Comment December 20, 2012

Officer in Rhode Island Dances While Directing Traffic Officer Tony Lepore is a holiday tradition in Providence, Rhode Island dating back to 1984. He has entertained drivers, pedestrians and those who stop to watch his show for decades. Lepore is a traffic cop who performs disco and salsa…>read more

No Comment December 20, 2012

Friend Says Sandy Hook Shooter Was Fearful of Being Committed A longtime friend of the Lanza family told Fox News recently that Nancy Lanza was in the middle of having her son, Adam, committed to a psychiatric facility when he attacked Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday.…>read more

1 Comment December 20, 2012

Obama Creates Gun Violence Task Force On Wednesday, President Barack Obama said that it was time for Congress to submit broad proposals in the month of January for stronger gun laws following the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last week. Obama told lawmakers that a ban…>read more

No Comment December 20, 2012

Texas Troopers Sued for Public Cavity Search Two women from Texas are filing a lawsuit following an invasive and humiliating ‘roadside boy cavity search’ by state troopers. The entire incident was captured on camera as well, according to the Dallas Morning News. Kellie Helleson, a female trooper,…>read more

1 Comment December 19, 2012

Piers Morgan Loses it on Gun Lobbyist Larry Pratt Piers Morgan has been trying to get members of the NRA to come onto his show following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Friday morning. He wanted to debate their position about a post-Newtown world. Morgan finally wound up…>read more

8 Comments December 19, 2012

FBI Arrests 26 People for Immigration Fraud; 21 from Law Firms In a press release from the FBI, 26 people have been charged by federal prosecutors with filing hundreds of asylum applications that included false claims of persecution. Of the 26 charged, 21 were from 10 law firms in the New…>read more

No Comment December 19, 2012

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