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Increasing Washington Litigation Attorney Jobs in Law Firms Bring Cheer Litigation attorney jobs will never cease to be in demand since society’s behavior needs to be regulated. Human beings, by their very nature, can be contentious and antagonistic, need to be told what their legal rights are, what an acceptable…>read more

No Comment October 21, 2014

Chicago In-House Employment Attorney Jobs Holding Their Own in a Restricted Legal Job Environment In-house employment attorney jobs are increasing even as legal jobs are doing the disappearing act in most practice areas. Irrespective of whether the economy is ailing or is in robust health employment, attorneys are needed. In an ailing economy, downsizing…>read more

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Spurt in Economy Leads to Opening up of In-house Corporate Attorney Jobs in Plano In-house corporate attorney jobs if the Bureau of Labor Statistics is to be believed, are picking up pace and are likely to grow at around 14 percent over the next few years in Plano, TX. The resurgent economy in Plano,…>read more

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In-House Corporate Attorney Jobs in Houston Rise as Energy Companies Seek Solutions In-house corporate attorney jobs have seen a recent spurt, which is hardly surprising since law firms, independent lawyers and attorneys have always had it good in Houston. In spite of a lull elsewhere in the country, the demand for trained…>read more

No Comment October 15, 2014

Why the Transition from Private Practice to In-House Tax Attorney Jobs is Worth the Risk? In-house tax attorney jobs are the perfect options for attorneys wishing to leave their private practices or law firms in search of alternative legal careers. Talking to attorneys in Tampa, they revealed that one of the reasons why they wanted…>read more

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Housing Booms Leads to Rise in In-House Real Estate Attorney Jobs in Canonsburg In-house real estate attorney jobs are rising following the prediction that the real estate boom of 2013 will continue into 2014, albeit at a little slower but more balanced pace.  It is worth recalling that the housing recovery has pushed…>read more

No Comment October 15, 2014

Knowing What to Ask and When to Ask It One of the hardest parts of the interview and post-interview process is knowing what questions to ask and when to ask them. Asking the right questions at the right time is important, not just in order to ascertain whether a…>read more

No Comment September 4, 2014

How Not To Get the Job of Your Dreams On the hunt for a new job? When searching for a new gig, there are plenty of things you should be doing in order to maximize your chances of finding a new job that you can be excited about. But…>read more

No Comment June 11, 2014

Lateral Interviewing Techniques Interviewing as a lateral is very different from interviewing as a law student. As a lateral, unlike when you were trying to secure a summer associate position, you must be prepared to field difficult questions about why you want to…>read more

No Comment June 4, 2014

Sometimes a Lateral Law Firm Move is the Best Path to a Solid In-House Position A large percentage of the people who contact us for recruitment assistance are currently working in-house and are looking to return to the law firm sector or break into it for the first time. What most of these candidates don’t…>read more

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Property Tax Litigation Associate Our client is a well known and established Dallas law firm searching for a Property Tax Litigation Associate.  The firm prefers at least one year but not over...